Thursday, August 24, 2017

Every Single Second

It’s easier the second time around, although
I still spend too much time wishing this child
would just slow down for a second
that the two of you would give me a minute
to realize
how quickly you’re headed away from me.

God, how I love that you move independently
to watch you discover a whole world of things
that aren’t yours, I can see you bring
to your mouth crayons and Play-Doh
Can I eat this?
Even when the answer is no, you do your best.

We do our best to keep your mouth from turning blue… again.

You don’t want to be carried as much anymore
You can crawl — or scoot at least
It’s wonderful to see, but baby girl
you'd still fit just fine in the space of my arms
if you’d stop twisting so hard
to get to the floor and discover the world away from me.

I let the mornings and afternoons go by too fast
I don’t take the time, the second time around
to just slow down for a second
stop thinking about work and dinner and juice
so I can just watch you
and your sister giggle at each other.

You both were tiny bundles they placed gently in my arms.

I feel every. single. second. and still
I’ve somehow lost a year or three. You both
keep growing older while I
try to keep up and wish this time around
that we could all slow down.
Of course this is always how it goes.

It's going to be a privilege to watch
my girls learn how to walk safely apart from me.