Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gnawing Off My Own Arm by 2:15

Every once in a while, I decide I'm going to eat healthy.

This usually last about as long as it takes me to remember my innate love of gas station taquitos, or when I remember that fried chicken is a real thing that I can really eat whenever I want because I'm an adult, damn it.

You can see the problem, here.

So anyway, I decided that I would be putting more effort into getting healthy. I'm terrible at remembering the "be more active" part of "eat better and be more active", but I've at least (mostly) trying to stick to the "eat better" part.

And I'm starving.

I mean, not really.

I'm only starving until about 5 pm every day.

I'm not really eating significantly less than I was before. I just replaced unhealthy snacks with healthier ones, cut down on my caffeine consumption, rearranged my breakfast to match all those "what you should eat in the morning for sustained energy" articles, basically did everything you're supposed to do.

So now I get up in the morning and eat a healthy breakfast. I get a cup of coffee. I should be fine, right?

Nope. Starving by mid-morning.

I eat lunch at 11. My lunch right now is a lot of homemade chicken salad (made with twice the vegetables the recipe calls for, lots of chicken, almonds, greek yogurt in the dressing, grapes and apples, the whole shebang) with two slices of bread. It's actually really good. It's filling! It has lean proteins and healthy fruits!

I'm gnawing my own arm off by 2:15!

I come home and share a snack with Audra, usually some cheese crackers and fruit or something.

Starving by 5 pm.

We eat dinner, and usually I'll be good for the night after that. Tonight we had chana masala. The other day I did a healthified chicken and dumplings.

After 5 o'clock, everything is A-OK.

Until that, I just never. stop. being. hungry.

I'm not eating less than I should. I literally just replaced my diet with roughly the same amount of healthy food instead of unhealthy and water instead of coffee.

It's becoming increasingly obvious to me what my real problem with food is:

My body doesn't recognize any recipe that doesn't involve either frying my food or covering it in cheese as actual food.

I'm pretty sure my body thinks I'm eating grass.

And I really, really want some fried chicken right now. Or taquitos.

Or taquitos with a side of fried chicken.

I feel like if I tried to do that 'shake' diet, I would literally murder someone for their tacos by day three.


  1. Haha. I know how you feel. I am eating low carb again this month, and I'm just never satisfied. I want something tasty, and I can't find anything I'm allowed to eat that satisfies that criteria. It's so hard!

  2. The lunch that gets me through is 3 oz of roasted chicken, a handful of edamame beans and an apple, cored and sliced so my brain thinks I have many apples. The tradeoff is that I spend an hour every Sunday roasting a bunch of chicken breasts.

    I miss snacking!

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