Saturday, January 2, 2016

Two Weeks, Huh?

I know, I know.

Surely I didn’t go a whole two weeks in which absolutely nothing remotely humorous or meaningful happened to me, right? Not with Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, and Hurricane Baby here to keep things interesting?

Well, it’s true. The last two weeks have been both humorous and meaningful. But I’ve been way too busy to sit down and write about them! Part of the issue is that I spent about a week at my mom’s house, and she’s never quite gotten around to getting internet. The up side is family togetherness time — the downside is that I got absolutely no work done during my vacation and came back utterly swamped by the eleventy-billion work tasks that were now overdue.

Then, after a single day back at work, Jason and I found out last-minute that Audra’s daycare closes not just for New Year’s Day (which we knew about and Jason already had off) but also New Year’s Eve (which we obviously didn’t know about and neither of us had off). So I stayed home Thursday and did what frantic work I could during Audra’s naps, but otherwise lived my life around the whims of a toddler who wanted crackers but then didn’t want crackers, she just wanted to say the word crackers and point at the crackers, but how dare I think that might mean she’d want to eat crackers, now it’s time to cry for ten minutes about this travesty.

Yesterday, Jason was able to give me a couple of hours for more frantic worktime, where I wrote work-blogs and work-emails as fast as my little fingers would fly. Much of that I did while Audra napped. Jason, who had gone to a party the night before and was running on very little sleep, laid down himself to take advantage of the quiet while I worked.

Guess who woke up literally five minutes after Jason laid down for a nap?

Then I had another brilliant idea! I would just go to a local coffeeshop Saturday morning, pick up a coffee and maybe a snack, and get some work done outside of the house, where hopefully I’d be able to give more attention to what needed done. So I settled in a couple of hours ago at a local place with a nice mug of “coffee for here” and set things up…

... aaaaaaaand then the WiFi password simply did not work. I asked about it once and was given a different password which also did not work, but by this time my social anxiety made the whole process of repeatedly interrupting the baristas trying to do their actual jobs with my internet problems simply untenable (since my retail experience tells me they know about as much about why the WiFi isn’t working as I do)…

So I gave up, pulled up a new blank Word document, and started writing work-blogs and work-emails there, to load them into their actual destinations later. I could have gotten up and left and gone somewhere else, you see, like the Starbucks literally a block away, but… then they would have seen me walking out right after asking about WiFi, and then I'd be that person who can't just enjoy their delicious cup of friggin' coffee without being wired in.

Then I could never enter that coffeeshop again.

I just couldn't handle the shame.

Eventually, though, it became clear that I badly needed the actual internet in order to accomplish anything, or at least to accomplish enough for this little break away from home to have been worth the cost of the cappucino I am currently drinking.

So now I'm sitting at a Starbucks, typing away, because Starbucks doesn't make the whole process of using WiFi so painfully awkward I can't focus on my caffeine.

Starbucks understands me.

So this is basically a note to let everyone know that I absolutely am around, and I’m paying attention, and you’re all quite lovely and I miss rambling madly about my day at you and I absolutely planned to have something up the day before Christmas, and then two days after Christmas, or maybe once we got back from Illinois, or whatever... but I haven't had the time and then when I had time I had no internet and then I was home where Audra takes any sign of me near a computer as a communication that she needs to attempt to climb on top of my head right this second...


That’s how things are going over here.

How're you? Things good where you are? You doin' good?

Is there a toddler on your head?

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  1. I really have no idea how people get things done at all with kids around! I really admire anyone that can :)

    And your whole train of thought at the coffee shop? THAT WOULD BE MY ENTIRE THOUGHT PROCESS, TOO!!! Though I would have been way too shy to ask the second time.


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