Friday, January 29, 2016


 Reading… Don't Put Lipstick on the Cat by Kersten Campbell, which is my fizzy-bright funny relax-after-the-baby's-in-bed read right now, alongside Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches (sensing a theme, guys?) by Rachel Jankovic. Both are short books, quick reads that are nonetheless taking me forever since I find myself with twenty minutes or less of reading time most nights. Hoping to find a little bit more time  at some point and finally start on People of the Songtrail, the newest in a series of books that I have written about my frankly unreasonably intense and irrational love of before.  

Seriously. Those books are crack cocaine to me.

Watching… So. Much. Daniel. Tiger. There is no possible problem that I do not have a short, catchy little tune to sing in reply. "I'm not going to let my daughter have time with television until she's in school," I said. Then I started being late to work every time I decided to have a screen-free morning or nearly an hour late with dinner once she dropped her afternoon nap and decided it was more fun to literally hang off my leg saying "mommy mommy mommy mommy" over and over again for literally no reason whatsoever while I tried desperately to cook.

There is no entertaining TV in this house. Only Daniel Tiger. At least he's adorable and listens to his parents.

It could be worse; she could be watching Caillou.

I'm totally up for the Mother of the Year Award.

Listening… Mostly just to NPR on the way to work in the morning. JD McPherson's new CD on the occasional day I remember it lives in the CD player. To my toddler's half-shriek laughter when we spend about thirty minutes just saying "tickle tickle tickle" and wagging our fingers at each other, which is apparently her new favorite game.

To the voice in my head telling me I need to go eat crepes.

Eating… Not crepes, sadly... yet. This last week I made borscht for the first time using Martha Stewart recipe, which turned out to be a serious surprise hit with Audra. She loved it. We strained out the liquid and just fed her the cooked beets, carrots, celery, onions, and beef. She nearly ate as much as I did. And ate it really well the next night, too (I never cook in less than twelve-person batches, somehow).

Tuesday we ate Annie's White Shells and Cheese with steamed broccoli, because steamed broccoli is healthy and she loves it and Jason was hanging out with friends that night and pffffft, macaroni and cheese is awesome don't judge me.

Mother. Of. The Year.

I made up for it I think when we made dinner for our friends and their kiddos two nights later and I made these vegan enchiladas, with a side of black beans and sauteed corn-and-zucchini. Which I immediately added crumbled up Mexican fresco cheese to, because vegan ain't my bag, baby.

And they were wonderful, and it's a pretty inexpensive meal to throw together and is going to be in regular rotation from here on out.

Oh, and eating blueberries, because Audra is going through a blueberry obsession and it turns out I super like blueberries, too. I'm surprised my skin isn't turning colors at this point.

Drinking… Well, coffee. That never changes. I was going to try to drink more water, then discovered that if I replaced coffee with water, I was suddenly very much aware of how often it is that we don't sleep through the night. So I'm back to drinking too much coffee. Lots of cream, little sugar.

Coffee coffee coffee.

Loving… Headbands. Seriously. I'm not even being sarcastic, I'm actually going through a headband thing right now. I picked up a couple of the reversible headbands from Natalie over at Natalie Creates with Christmas money, and once they showed up (alongside our new planting calendar for the We-Are-Actually-Going-to-Garden-Like-Adults year we're planning) I have basically not taken them off. So, obviously I spent the last of my Christmas money on two more.

I'm a reasonable human being who in no way makes impulse purchases when gifted with spending money.

Nope, not me.

(I also used some of the last of the Christmas money on this T-shirt and I regret nothing.)

Hoping… Mostly just that 2016 will be kinder to us, in the end, than 2015 was. I could stand to have time enough without any crises to get a little content for a while.

Celebrating… Audra's day-by-day development explosions when it comes to speaking and walk-running, and discovering the world. Jason being able to actually get some blacksmithing done, with his new job giving him more time to work on it. How much I love my own job. How much Audra loves her daycare. My mom moving into a house that will be perfect for her. Lots of things.

Disliking… Distance, always. The ache of grief at a point where I am no longer comfortable openly showing that particular emotion.

 That the word Audra grasped most readily and has the greatest command of is "no".

Not having a cat in the house for the first time in eight years, during a time in my life when I would really like to have a fuzzy cat to snuggle with sometimes in the evenings.

All of Jason's incredibly reasonable and well-thought-out arguments as to why now is a bad time to add another pet.

Starting… to try and take a better interest in the house. The thing is, we've lived here for three years, three and a half at this point, and we still live a bit like the apartments dwellers we were for seven years. We painted one wall, which I love, but have never really made permanent changes elsewhere. This is the year I'm painting the kitchen. I've decided. And maybe we'll finish the living room, too.

This is the year we're going to really work in the garden. We've bought some great seeds to try out and I'm actually looking forward to starting things up once it's warm for good in the spring. It's a strange feeling, to be excited about planting corn.

I imagine my father would find that pretty hilarious.

Discovering… alongside Audra each step in the process of learning to be a person. I have watched her mimic our facial expression in infancy, and now in toddlerhood she mimics our motions more easily. She 'helped' Jason mop a couple of days ago. She'll bring the dustpan over for me when I'm sweeping.

She knows that 'cooking' is a thing I do on the big white thing that I tell her is too hot too touch, and then food happens after I stand there for a while. I pick her up so she can see the steps I'm taking and narrate through them. She tries to repeat any word she even vaguely recognizes.

She figured out that shoes mean going somewhere, and so watches closely to see when we put our shoes on to gather from that what we'll do next. She insists on wearing shoes all the time whenever she can right now.

She tries to help take her clothes off and put the new clothes on. She will watch me get dressed, intently, following every move I make to try and figure out what it is I can do that she can't.

So, I discover right with her how the steps unfold to figuring out how to grow up.

It's wonderful.

Although I do occasionally wish it was happening more slowly.

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