Tuesday, December 8, 2015

God is Not in the Loss: A #Wholemama Post

I could have gone a few different ways when writing about ‘still’.

I could have written about the stillness of early morning, when the birds haven’t even woken up and it’s just me, my cup of coffee, and the quiet. I could have written about a state of mind, the idea of serenity, the way we talk about “being still” as a way to listen to ourselves.

I actually wrote most of a post about “still” as it applies to my toddler daughter, functionally incapable of even grasping the concept.

I tried a few different ways to be funny. I’m better at funny – it comes more easily to me to write with a dry humor, putting myself at a little bit of a distance from my subject.

None of it seemed to work.

Instead, I’ve decided to write about tenacity and the “still, small voice” after the fire. It’s not about motherhood exactly, I guess, except that I’m only a mother as much as I’m a daughter, too.

Read the rest of the post over at Erika Shirk's blog Overflow, where I am the featured poster this week for #wholemama.

Today's post is my fourteenth while participating in the #wholemama link up. This week's theme was "still". You can find the linkup here over on Erika Shirk's blog Overflow. My other posts as part of the linkup have been Hurry Up and Wait, She is HomeI Used to Think I Couldn't DanceCalmA Hard Leap Off a High CliffMotherhood on PurposeOn Reading and PeaceI Lay You Down to Sleep, My LoveWhen It Rains... Celebrate,Parenting is SillyAnything But OrdinarySpacePrayer, and A Supermom is a Sleep-Deprived Mom


  1. Here's an option you could have taken. After being such an inept and lazy museum employee, you should have kept your mouth still. You just cost a good man, a 20 year employee of Pickens County, his job.

    THAT is the real Katie Faulk folks...a lousy, vindictive employee who spent all her time at her job working on these columns.

    Consider the people you follow.

    1. I have IP tracking enabled and have tracked where this comment was made from. The cops were already aware of the situation and this will be provided to them as well. Any further contact will be considered harassment. Do not contact me via this blog or by any digital, phone, mail, or in-person method again or I will pursue further action.


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