Sunday, November 22, 2015

#FindJoyinNovember, Week 3: Rockin' the Grunge Look

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Yesterday was beautiful! Someone was up at 5:30 in the morning, which inexplicably felt like midnight to my sleep-deprived brain. She was just amazingly cheerful and snuggly, though, so I'll give up that last forty minutes of "sleeping in" on a Saturday morning if it means I trade it for baby cuddles and big cheesy grins.

After breakfast, a nap, riding her scooter (and rockin' the Seattle 90's grunge look), and a late brunch, Audra was ready to go see Daddy volunteering at a local historical site. Yes, I said breakfast, nap, brunch. This girl is livin' the life.

(Well, sort of. I mean, breakfast was cheerios and unsalted peanuts (her all-time favorite food) and brunch was these froze mixed veggies she loves but won't eat if i put literally any seasoning on them. Not even salt and pepper. Whatever, it's healthy.)

I originally had planned just to stop by for an hour or so, but since my in-laws were there, too, we ended up staying for a nice long time. Audra was on point, managing to go almost six hours between naps without really getting fussy at all. But, you know, indulgent grandparents and people everywhere cooing over your cuteness will chase away the crankiness in anybody, right?

This last week my sister had a birthday, which made her #FindJoyinNovember posts some of my absolute favorites. You'll notice she tends to show up pretty often.

I'm counting down days until my mother arrives for Thanksgiving. Audra is a pile of adorable new tricks and words coming every day. Jason is fighting the cold that knocked me off my feet last week, so I'm doing what I can to help him - which mostly consists of annoying him endlessly by asking if he needs another pillow or a cup of tea or maybe some soup and if he sure he doesn't need at least one more pillow?

He lives a charmed life.

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I love the photo on the left - it's my Great Aunt Ann, who lives in Arizona, and my cousin's little girl. Aunt Ann is visiting Illinois due to my Great Uncle Del's recent death, and it's been so long since she's been able to visit. I just wish I could have been there to visit, too. Sometimes living four states away is harder than it should be.

This week I'll eat way too much food. I will make food mistakes. I will hopefully see the Biltmore Estate with Mom and Jason. I'm probably going to drive her over to Pickens at some point while she's in town. I may even go completely crazy and go to the mall during the first weekend of the Christmas Shopping Season.

And, most importantly, I will spend hours and hours attempting, in front of various family members of Jason's, to convince Audra to show any of her many skills, and will end up instead trying to convince all the relatives that I'm not making it up, I swear she really does do these things, I didn't just hallucinate that she can point at her nose even though she resolutely refuses to show them...

It's going to be great.

(Seriously. Go enter the giveaway. Everyone needs awesome soap, high quality candles, and inspirational signs. EVERYONE. Plus, that pile of stuff? Makes for an amazing Christmas gift. Or gifts. Just sayin'.)

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