Monday, November 30, 2015

#FindJoyinNovember Recap, Week 4 - and Giveaway Winner Announced!

The winner of the #FindJoyinNovember giveaway is... Sheila R.! I'll be sending you an email shortly, Sheila, to get mailing details so I can get your package on its way!

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The week of Thanksgiving, you'd think, would be the easiest week of all to find reasons to be joyful, because gratitude is even built into the name of the holiday. You'd think that.

I definitely woke up Thursday feeling a little less than grateful, though. It's hard to get ready to drive to the airport to pick up one parent instead of two, and to look forward to a dinner where someone is inevitably going to be missing. I definitely needed the wine to drink alongside Thanksgiving dinner.

Still - my mom and Jason and I have had a great time. We've wandered Greenville and picked up winter clothes for Audra, driven through the neighborhoods here with the most beautiful houses, even driven up to Biltmore (which Jason has seen, but Mom and I hadn't). It's been so busy and so great to have her here, and I'll go back to work tomorrow a little bit missing her (but my legs will be happy to sit still all day!)

I am counting down the days until I'm in Illinois again for Christmas, even if it won't be quite the Christmas I had planned for it to be. I still want us to all be together again for the holiday.

So... for our final showcase of #FindJoyinNovember photos, I'll just post a couple here for you to see!

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I'd like to thank everyone who did this project along with me. Challenging myself to find little moments of joy when I had been so stuck spinning my wheels in grief started off a little difficult but I feel like I've ended this month on the high note I had hoped for - grateful for all the silver linings there have been to everyone misfortune we've been dealt.

There's something to be said for deliberately seeking the good in things.

Maybe we'll do this again next year?


  1. I really enjoyed this project. It made November a little more fun. :)

  2. I enjoyed it too! Although I'm a little jealous of Sheila. :)

  3. Hi Katie. Though we've never met, this project of yours brought me.......well....... joy! I found myself LOOKING for joy everyday. What I realized in the process is that sometimes we have to look. And sometimes we have to look some more. But always, whether blatant, or hidden behind some cover, it's there. I found it in little things. And it cheered me up. Seeing other peoples joy also brought ME joy. It's there. Just keep on looking. I know I will.


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