Sunday, November 1, 2015

#FindJoyinNovember: Day One

Did you catch my earlier post about my November project, Find Joy in November? Interested in being included or participating?


We're starting today, officially. I'll recap the rules:

1. Comment here today or through the next week, letting me know where you'll be posting (Twitter, Instagram, your blog, Facebook - I even have a cousin who is texting me her photos!). Leave me your username so I can follow along! 

2. Take a photo of a moment of real happiness, whether a big moment or a little one. Think - a moment with your children, a good cup of coffee, the perfect dinner, a pretty sky. I will be posting on my Instagram daily through the whole month, but your posts can be as often as you like - daily, twice a week, weekly, three months a month... whatever, it's all good

3. Write a line, or two, or ten - it's up to you - about the moment and why you found such happiness in it. End with the hashtag #FindJoyinNovember.

4. Post the photo and text into your chosen medium.

5. I will be looking through everything tagged #FindJoyinNovember (and everything linked here in the comments!) If you've blogged on the topic, please leave a comment with a link to the blog post itself. 

6. Once a week on Sunday, I'll post a "weekly recap" of our moments of joy. I'll pick 3 favorite posts or photos per week to share but of course will encourage everyone to look through the hashtag photos.

7. Share that you are participating around! Get friends involved! I like people!

8. Watch next Sunday for a giveaway! My friend Liz over at Unscripted is going in with me to put together a great giveaway prize. It'll be open to anyone who participates in the challenge or shares information about it around the internet. Check back next Sunday to see what the giveaway will be!

Now that that's all taken care of, let's get started.

My moment of joy today:

My Sunday morning baby in her monster pajamas and her cackling laughter. 

I won't lie - there's a pretty good chance she'll be a lot of my moments of joy this month.

Find the other posts for #FindJoyinNovember on Instagram, Twitter, and  Facebook! Then join up and post your own!


  1. I'll be posting on IG at SarahRonk

  2. I'm posting on Instagram as KUnger1. I'll probably blog as well sometime this month.

  3. Hi Katie. I am bluberigrl and will doing the FindJoyinNovember challenge with you on Instagram! I found out about it through Emily G. and look forward in sharing in some joy this month. I mean, it IS the month of thanksgiving, and we can never have too much joy, now can we??? And now, a look around your blog............

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Blogger didn't like my mad HTML skills. I'll be participating on Instagram as kimberussell and on my blog:

  6. Hey Lady! I'll be linking up thru my Instagram: ekgenest .

    So so excited!

  7. My name is Emily and I'll be posting on IG as embryant80. Looking forward to this challenge. Great idea for this thanksgiving season!!

  8. My name is Emily and I'll be posting on IG as embryant80. Looking forward to this challenge. Great idea for this thanksgiving season!!

  9. I'm posting on Instagram and Facebook! (Well, if I can figure it out each day - man, technology is not my forte'! Love you - and this idea!

  10. I'm posting on Instagram as janetmcknight


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  12. This is a great idea, I definitely want to do this! And what a cute picture!


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