Monday, August 17, 2015

Right Now

- State Farm finally agreed with us on an amount. I received the check, made out to the amount we had specifically agreed upon, and I am now the proud owner of a car that is, in the manufacturer's words, "kiwi green". I am unreasonably happy about this.

- We went to a specific dealership looking for a specific car. They had sold it already, and while I was happy to be shown other options, they brought out the sharklike salesman with a creepy personality to try to strong-arm us. We left and did not return to that dealership.

- Instead, I bought my new (well, new to us) car the next day at a different dealership, with a salesman who did not talk down to me or try to strong-arm me.

- My health insurance called. They fixed the problem, backdated everything, and my daughter and I have health insurance again. Or rather, we didn't stop having health insurance. Officially.

- Still nothing from unemployment for Jason. Some possible job prospects, though! So we've got that going for us.

- The tree that fell on my car is still lying in dead, crackly brown pieces on either side of my driveway. As I am now driving a larger car, backing out has become something of an exciting event for me.

- Our jalapeno plant just exploded, and our Serrano plant is already in the process, and we simply cannot physically eat that many spicy green peppers.

- We kind of forgot about the cucumber plant. It's still making cucumbers. I noticed several on the ground yesterday. Whoops.

- The tomatoes have basically been destroyed by the boom-and-bust cycle of rain this summer. That month where no rain fell at all, where they were totally dependent on water out of the hose, was hard on them. Birds pecked at some. We went on vacation, and the four or five days where we weren't there to track whether they needed watering really made them feel betrayed. When it does rain, it comes down as hard as it can - raindrops don't fall so much as they curl into angry fists and punch the dry dirt - and then our poor tomatoes grow too fast, they split and burst. Our dog discovered tomatoes are delicious. Once we gated him out, we discovered a chipmunk also thinks our tomatoes are delicious, and he can get under the fence. Basically, it's just been a hard year to be a tomato at our house.

- Audra appears to have re-learned how to sleep through the night. She has essentially slept through, for varying amounts, since Friday night. There is much rejoicing. Or at least the caffeine levels in my blood have very slightly receded.

- I have actually been able to pick up my library book... two days before it was due back. Thank God for the 'renew' function. This may or may not be related to the previous point.

- I might have cut up leftover hamburger patties and tossed them into tomato soup to create "cheeseburger soup". I maintain that this does not ruin my "foodie" status, because delicious is as delicious does, and this was delicious. So there.

- Audra is moving slowly over to milk - right now we're at about 60/40 formula-to-milk ratio. The switch from bottle to sippycup is significantly more difficult. She's just sort of puzzled as to why we'd try to do that when bottles work perfectly and require less effort. Why fix it when it ain't broke? She seems to ask me, as she takes a single sip from the cup and then drops it and gives me a look of puzzled hurt. My explanations about making sure her teeth come in straight don't seem to be resonating.

- That may perhaps be because she has no idea what I'm saying.

- Yesterday, I went to Starbucks, got a flat white and sat for a half hour or so just reading this article in the New York Times. Then I went and picked up groceries. It all felt terribly adult and productive. I even fooled myself there for a second.

- I can't stop scrolling through fall fashion. This is when all the colors that look best on me appear. Eddie Bauer is particular has three T-shirts that I am dying to own - a purple, a blue, and an orange in this pretty V-neck style. I'd have to get them in the tall-length because my torso is so long and no clothing maker understands that. I also have no money for these T-shirts. I am in the process of reminding myself that I don't actually require they exist in my closet to survive.

- On a related note, Life is Good also has really pretty things for fall. I also don't need their stuff to live.

- I think.

- I mean, I might.

- I am in the midst of a serious craving for peanut butter cookies. Like right this second.

- I just ate a peanut butter cookie.


  1. So fun to follow you through all these right nows. :)

  2. "I am in the process of reminding myself that I don't actually require they exist in my closet to survive." THE WORST

    Thanks to post partum/life/food/blah blah blah I basically just have work clothes and not much else. I want/dread/need to go shopping for non-work clothes that fit and don't make me want to cry & wear yoga pants but (A) money???????? and (B) I don't go anywhere but work so why even???????


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