Friday, August 21, 2015

I Lay You Down to Sleep, My Love: A #WholeMama Post

I lay you down to sleep.
I breathe,
I make a cup of tea.

First, we sing our good-night song
Little stars soar
Over broken boughs.

Hug Riff Raff Giraffe so tight.
I think
No baby ever had eyes like yours.

(I think your eyes are beautiful)

Then I lay you down to sleep.
We sing,
You hum back, tunelessly.

Before I lay you down to sleep,
I wash
Your face clean of blueberry stain.

Before that, of course, we brushed your teeth.
By which I mean
I brushed them twice. Then you chewed on the toothbrush.

So - first I brush your teeth.
One two three
four five six seven teeth.

I count them out loud to you
One day you'll count them out to me.

(Hopefully more than seven by then)

As you smile up at me,
My hands
Skim through soft blonde hair again.

"Last time, I swear," I whisper
And then
One more time again.

So. I lay you down to sleep.
I breathe,
I make that cup of tea.

(I think your smile is beautiful)

I've laid you down to sleep,
My love.
You're already on my mind tomorrow.

I lay you down to sleep.
I read, and
Listen through the monitor.

I laid you down to sleep
But you,
You're holding court inside your crib.

We laid you down to sleep,
So we
Are the silent audience in the living room.

I wait for you to sleep
Little girl -
Still I love to hear you take your time

You'll lay you down to sleep
There's conversations to be had.

(Your stuffed animals rapt with fascination)

I lay you down to sleep.
I breathe,
I make a cup of tea.
I read.

I listen.

(I think your voice is beautiful.)

Whole Mama

Today's post is my sixth while participating in the #WholeMama linkup. You can find the linkup for this week's theme, "Beauty", here on Esther Emery's blog. More information on what #WholeMama is all about can be found here. After this, the #WholeMama linkups will be happening at Erika Shirk's blog, Overflow. My other posts as part of the linkup or just inspired by the theme are When It Rains... CelebrateParenting is SillyAnything But OrdinarySpacePrayer, and A Supermom is a Sleep-Deprived Mom.


  1. Oh, Katie, I love this!!! It's beautiful and full of words that are full of the love you have for your daughter. It's also a great description of bedtime :)

    1. If only every bedtime was so smooth and happy, haha

  2. This took me right back to baby days! I especially resonated with the pull of putting the baby to bed (blessedly, finally, a chance to relax) and then immediately missing her sweet presence. It's not much different now that she's 8. :)

    1. As my baby turns into a toddler, I'm starting to miss the newborn days! It's strange how we miss each stage as it goes, even as we're knee-deep in the next one.

  3. Just lovely. I remember--among the more challenging bedtimes--the many more moments of rocking and singing and cradling. I miss it, but am forever thankful for it.

    1. Yeah, I won't lie - some nights when we have to get her back up becasue she won't settle and cuddle just a little bit more... I'm not exactly full of regret ;)


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