Monday, August 24, 2015

All Seven Teeth

My daughter has received three Incident Reports from daycare.

The first two involved her being bitten on the little finger and having another child hit her in the head with a toy ball. Both of those incidents involved no real injury, but apparently Audra cried a bit and needed some cuddles with the first one and basically didn't even acknowledge the second.

Last week, we received the first incident report I'm honestly kind of proud about.

Jason and I went together to pick her up, since one of the upsides to Jason's current Funemployment Extravaganza is that we get nearly four more hours together each day than we did before. Jason found the Incident Report in her bag.

"Audra bit someone," he read, handing it over to me to check out.

"Oh, no," I started to say, and then looked at Audra.

... who was smiling brightly at me with all seven teeth. You can argue that she's too young to understand and probably didn't even remember it happening... but that smile told me otherwise.

This is when the daycare ladies rushed to her defense.

"Well, it wasn't her fault," one of them reassured us.

"That's true!" An older daycare lady nodded. "She never bothers any of the other babies. She was just playing by herself, minding her own business, and one of the other babies tried to take her toy away. So she just got mad, that's all."

"So it's not like she just... bit someone at random," I replied. "For... fun or anything."

I looked back at my daughter.

She held her arms out to me and kicked her little feet.

"Oh, no, not Audra. She never bothers anyone. No. The other baby messed with her first."

That's my girl.

She didn't start that fight, but she sure finished it.

Like a lady


  1. Ouch Report, I love it! Get it, Audra. Make momma proud.


      It's just such a funny way to keep those records!


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