Friday, July 24, 2015

The Things I Do To Myself

You see the red mark on my forehead?

That's not a shadow.

It's not like one of those marks you get from sleeping on something that take a bit to go away.

That, my friends, is what happens when you cut a spicy green pepper and remove the seeds without gloves, then reach up to scratch your forehead when it itches.

After a moment, your forehead begins to feel hot.

Then it starts to burn.

Then your husband comes home from picking up your daughter from daycare and he says, "Have you looked at your forehead, honey?"

At which point I declared that I would no longer be leaving the house until it was gone.


  1. Whew! On a similar note, a similar thing happened to my grandmother with a habanero pepper. Talk about a crazy mark! Hers nearly turned into a blister.

    1. I was lucky - mine faded after about six hours. But it definitely buuuuuuurned for the first hour or so!


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