Sunday, July 12, 2015

11 Months

Okay, so it's about a week late, but... here are some things about Audra Grace at 11 months:

- We are up to seven teeth. Seven! The last two were pretty rough. Since they came right in the middle of a vacation where her schedule was totally off, I can't really say if the roughness was really tooth pain or just her reacting to lots of travel time and the stress of it all. Who knows. But seven teeth!

- She loves tomatoes. Loves. She will pick up a slice of tomato and suck all the insides out of it, leaving this sad sort of tomato-rind husk behind. It's... really weird to watch. She had a BLT for lunch with us yesterday (except I took out the bacon, because I think it would have required too much chewing). She took the bread, lettuce, and tomato apart and basically ate them separately. She was a big fan of the Duke's mayonnaise (as all Southern girls should be) on the bread. She left tomato rinds and bread crusts for us. We finished up with a smoothie she was pretty fond of, too.

- Favorite 'tricks' - she likes to clap and applaud when we say "Yay!". Also high fives, bouncing along with any music or song she can hear, and seeing how fast she can get her hand into the dog's water bowl before I can stop her.

- She discovered the joy of cabinets. Hilariously, the only cabinets she is interested in getting into are the ones under the sink where all the dangerous chemicals and cleaners live. Thankfully those are also the only cabinets that lock.

- We literally could not keep her Monthly sticker on her long enough to get a single photo where it's just... on her. We had to settle for Simba and then for sticking it on a part of her back she couldn't get to. Stickers (and the adhesive on them that she is convinced is a delicious and rare delicacy) are simply too fascinating to be allowed to remain where we put them.

- We have a pretty nice sleep-and-wake schedule going. Two hours or so awake, about an hour or two asleep. Two hours awake, an hour or two asleep. Now, this is only on weekends - she takes exactly one nap at daycare, and it's never very long. But as soon as we're home on weekends, she settles into this really great nap routine. I'm sure it'll only last for a few weeks at best, so I'm enjoying the times of peace and quiet while they last.

- She is head over heels in love with Riff Raff the Stuffed Giraffe - a Gund Brigsby toy that has lived in her room her whole life and she didn't notice until about a month ago and now they are utterly inseparable. He sleeps with her, and she snuggles him in and will hug him close to help her fall asleep and during unpleasant wake-ups. He badly needed a wash during our visit to Illinois and it became apparent that we might need to plan for his eventual wearing-out. So I went on Amazon and bought the last two they had remaining. They're on their way to our house right now. (Of course, shortly after I bought "the last two" they suddenly went from out to "2 more remaining" again and suddenly went from the $12.99 I paid for them to $14.99. So, you know. Amazon is tricksy that way.)

- At her early first birthday party in Illinois, Audra was completely uncertain about the smash cake. She touched it sort of delicately, made a face at it, smeared icing all over herself, but really never got much into the 'smashing' part. Apparently my daughter is too much of a delicate flower for that. Although she was still a delicate flower who required a really good bath afterwards, thanks to green icing in her eyebrows.

- She pulls on a cable. We tell her no. She stops, looks at us, contemplates whether or not we really mean it, and tries again. We tell her no again. Repeat ad nauseum until we give up and pick her bodily up and move her away from said cable. She whines for about twenty seconds and then tries to crawl to the dog's water bowl. We tell her no. Repeat earlier process.

- Between newer clothing I've bought off and on since her birth, hand-me-downs, and the clothing she's given as gifts, my daughter owns approximately 2 million articles of clothing in her current size(s). Luckily, she ruins them so quickly she's going through like two to three outfits a day, just like her newborn days. So at least she gets to wear everything? And my washing machine gets a workout! Everyone wins.

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