Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ten Months

Audra turned ten months old on Friday! Here are a few things going on with her right now:

- We have five teeth! Her two bottom teeth she's had forever, one of her top front teeth and one next to it are coming through, and her other top front tooth is a white spot just underneath her gums, just about to make its appearance! Of course this latest round of teething coincided with the Ear Infection That Would Not Die (the dreaded cousin of The Sinus Infection That Would Not Die), but still, teeth are a happy time for me, since that makes it less and less likely I have to watch her like a hawk to ensure she does not choke. I still do though.

- Still not crawling, but she does scoot! She will occasionally do the pre-crawl move of getting onto her hands and knees and kind of rocking back and forth, so we're either going to see some crawling soon, or she'll skip it and head straight to walking. My money's on the latter. My baby is a lazy, lazy child, and she isn't going to learn how to do a skill if she has to immediately drop it to work on another one.

- Basically, I'm pretty sure she's saying "mama" to me on purpose. So I'm calling that her first word, although Jason and I did hear her refer to Indy several times very purposefully as "ug". But I refuse to let the dog win.

- She has begun to "forget" how to do her 'tricks' when we're around new people. Like, she waves hello and goodbye, claps, and gives high fives - but if we're out and about and she decides she doesn't want to do it for something she doesn't know, she'll just pretend she can't hear us or has no idea what we're asking her. I'm not fooled. Mama's on to you, little miss. I'm on to your game.

- We are gradually shifting the amount of 'real food' vs. 'baby food' she eats to more and more 'real food'. She still eats her pouches, but we're making sure she's eating a lot of whatever it is we have, too. She was home with Jason Friday (thanks to the daycare's policy of 'please don't bring your baby back until she is no longer the plague vector she is right now') and had black beans and barley for lunch and loved it. Today, Jason and I ate lunch at Pita House (one of our favorite spots in Greenville) and she ate lots of falafel, hummus, and pita bread. Her illness killed her appetite and she had actually lost weight in the last week, so to see her appetite come roaring back with this new antibiotic makes me feel a lot better.

- We have definitely entered the "whine if you don't get what you want" stage of life. Which will, if I understand it correctly, be the stage she's in for the next eighteen years of her life. But she definitely has started to make these horrible whining noises whenever I commit the grievous sin of taking something she's not supposed to have out of her hands, or walk three feet away from her, or (God forbid, the shame) insist of going to the bathroom instead of carrying her everywhere I go forever. So the next couple of years until she's speaking full sentences are gonna be super awesome.

- This is the second month in a row she's not only noticed her monthly sticker but immediately tried to tear it off and/or eat it. She tried to tear it off first, but when I stuck it back on her and said "no", she decided to just skip the step I clearly didn't like and eat the sticker right where it was. We made it through photos, but man do those stickers basically dissolve. Infant saliva is apparently acidic or something. I think it could take the finish off cars.

- She has discovered she can actually take the stuffed animals out of the shelves they're on. Previously, her innate unwillingness to do anything she has to really work for has meant she just sort of looked at the toys in her organizer but otherwise would ignore them. Lately, she'll scoot over there and start pulling them out, one by one. Her favorites are her Simba and a big floppy giraffe or possibly horse, it's not exactly clear. I call the Giraffe And/Or Horse Bilbo Baggins for no discernible reason.

- She has a single stuffed animal in her crib - Holly Bear, a striped BabyGap teddy bear Jason and I got her for Christmas. I know the rules say no toys in the crib and definitely no stuffed animals, but I put it in there right when we got it and it lives in her crib. Spoiler alert: she's always slept with a (crocheted, with large holes in the stitching) blanket, too. Who wants to sleep on a bare sheet with absolutely nothing for comfort or warmth? Not me. But that's not the point. I thought it was just nice for her to wake up to a friendly face when she's in that room by herself, you know? She's starting to really bond with Holly Bear, and I've caught her lying on her side, babbling happily to Holly Bear while she waits for one of us to come get her after she wakes up. The other night, when Jason laid her down to sleep, she rolled onto her side, reached out to grab Holly's foot, pulled her close, and snuggled in. It's sort of wonderful to see her differentiating between toys and how they are played with - that stuffed animals are different from her singing books which are different from her toy pots and pans which are different from her stacking rings. Watching a little person form herself out of the baby potato I brought home from the hospital is probably one of the greatest gifts there is to parenthood.

Only two more months until you're a year old, baby girl! I have no idea where the time went. Except for that last two weeks of pregnancy. I remember every. single. second. of that.


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