Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Things - The Daisy Dress, Dad Gifts, and Yet More BabyGap Edition

1. This dress from Lands End. I am in love. I bought this dress from them for summer wear, and I'm not supposed to be buying clothing until I'm through this whole "weight loss journey" I'm working on right now. I'm still considering picking this up with next month's clothing budget. The adjustable waist means I could really pull it off for a while even if this whole fitness thing doesn't blow up in my face like it has the last six times I tried it (and got shin splints. Over and over and over again.)

What do you think, whoever reads my rambling thoughts on dresses? Should I buy it with July's clothing budget? Beg for it as an anniversary present? Just start crying and declare I can't possibly stop being an emotional mess until the dress is mine?

... I think I know what I'm going to do.


Ugh, this is rough. I love daisies! I hate florals but I love this print! I could wear it with a cardigan in the fall! It's so cute! I waaaaaaaaant it.

What should I dooooooo

Life is hard, people.

Life is hard.

2. NPR's been doing a series on prisoners released after years of solitary confinement that is really worth a listen/read.. One thing they've pointed out is that prisoners who are in solitary confinement serve out most or all of their original sentences, so there's no parole, no help adjusting to the outside world, which could have changed rapidly in their absence.

They're just tossed out into the streets to whatever family or friends is left to take them in.

At one prison, departing solitary confinement prisoners were taken in shackles onto a public bus and the shackles only unlocked after they sit down in a seat. So every random member of the public who happened to be on that bus that day witnesses this person in shackles, someone so dangerous they can't take them off until they're off prison grounds.

And we just toss these people out and tell them so long, good luck, don't come back.

It's a truly maddening series of decisions made by lawmakers and the prison systems that ensure that we take the people least able to handle social interactions and society itself and throw them out with no help and then wonder why they can't just figure it out.

Solitary confinement can induce mental illness even in people who did not experience it before their incarceration.

Just a really interesting series. I highly recommend checking the articles out. This is another in the series.

I recently came across another Greenville blogger, Truly Unruly. I kind of find myself clicking around trying to find other bloggers in this little city. It's kind of cool, to realize they were at the same farmer's market I was. Often, though, the local bloggers I had been finding were either super preppy or insanely hipster style bloggers who didn't really talk that much about Greenville itself, just about their outfits.

Which is fair enough; that's, uh, kind of what a style blog is for. But I've been more interested in lifestyle blogs, really. I follow both The House of the Hill and The Reedy Review, but I'm still looking for more locally-based blogs.

Enter Truly Unruly.

I've been enjoying her quite a bit, so I thought I'd share the link to her blog. The image is from her Greenville Father's Day Gift Guide. And I can say from experience that that peach 'shine is delightful, Dogfish Head is delicious beer, and... shamefully I have yet to eat at Bacon Bros.

The time is coming, though, people.

The time is coming.

4. This. Book. Is. Hilarious.

I bought my sister a copy of one of her earlier books a couple of years ago, back when my niece was just exiting the toddler years and it seemed appropriately funny. I decided to pick this one up kind of on a whim at my local bookstore. Jason actually got to it before I did (that's what I get for buying two other books at the same time - I have no time for reading anymore. I thought parents were lying when they said that. They weren't).

Finally, I've been able to pick it up.

And it's amazingly hilarious. Anyone who has had to navigate modern, internet-soaked parenthood will probably hurt themselves laughing. Highly recommended.

Go buy it.

Go buy it right this second.

I'll wait.

5. Somebody's baby may need this entire outfit. That baby may indeed be my baby

THIS is how you do pink stuff right when you want to catch the eye of tomboy moms. No frills, no ruffles, no horrible "sassy" text, just adorable strawberry print, striped shorts, and cute little sandals. BAM.

Of course, I kind of feel like Audra should at least occasionally attempt to walk before I start putting cute shoes on her when it's not cold, but you know what, sometimes you need to wear turquoise sandals to be happy.

My baby is better dressed than me.

I'm okay with that.

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  1. YES I'm so excited you're liking Stephanie Wilder Taylor's books! She's such a funny person. She makes For Crying Out Loud a really fun podcast and I may or may not have an intense girl crush on her. ;)


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