Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We Are About to Drown in Tomatoes

The garden has officially come to life. We're seeing our first tiny itsy green tomatoes pop up where yellow flowers were a week ago. We have two (maybe three) tomato plants for 2.5 people. Our plans for the future involve a lot of homemade canned tomato sauces and that oddball southern staple, the tomato and mayonnaise sandwich. And pico de gallo.

The sage flowers continue to bloom. I have a serious need to take a pair of scissors and trim the sage back to something manageable. I am seriously not sure how a plant we got as a tiny transplant from Lowe's three years ago and proceeded to alternately neglect and over watered managed to become this flowering, healthy behemoth. I suppose I'll be drying sage here in the next few days or so, too.

The cilantro has flowering, the basil is popping up, the chives are being contained but only just, the potatoes are taller and stronger, the pepper plants are showing teensy little peppers now, too... even the cucumber plant is beginning to blossom.

I don't even know how we're going to eat all this as it comes in. We had one single jalapeno plant last year and I was baking jalapeno poppers like it was going out of style just to try and use them all up. Now we have jalapenos, serrano, and mild garden salsa peppers.

So. Much. Pico de Gallo. In my future.

I suppose this is the logical result of "hey, why don't we get a couple of herb plants" three years ago. We realized we could grow these things instead of buying them, and now we just keep growing more and more and more.

The "three sisters" garden in the backyard (corn, tiny pie pumpkin plants, and pinto beans) is growing like mad, too. We planted those three from seed, though, so they're a few weeks behind the transplants in the front yard. It was still immensely gratifying to watch them break through the soil one by one, until we could account for every single seed.

We have carrot seeds planted in the other backyard raised-bed garden, but our dog discovered good-diggin' to be had in that garden, so I'm not sure we'll get any of those. We're still hopeful.

I just spent several paragraphs regaling all of you with gardening, which I think shows you what happens when you become a grown-up. You start becoming enthusiastic about gardens.

Take this as a warning, kids.

One day you, too, will gush effortlessly about the wonder and magic of plants.


  1. Great, I love it! Enjoy the week honey!

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  2. I saw 'jalapeno poppers' and then all I could focus on was the fact that I'm not eating any!

    Oh, I nominated you on my blog for that Liebster Award that I keep seeing around on blogs - don't feel obligated though, of course :)

    1. Aw, cool, thanks! I have seen that making the rounds of blogs i see, haha


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