Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nine Months

(I realize this post comes 4 days after her actual birth date. I was busy, and when I wasn't busy I was sort of doing just about anything but getting this done and you know what, I don't have to explain myself to you so nyah)

Some things about my Audra Grace at nine months old:

1. She primarily wears size 12- 18 clothing. BabyGap is basically the only brand where her size corresponds to her actual age. My baby has a giant head and a very long body. I would make a joke about her taking after me there, but Giant Headed Babies is apparently something her daddy's side specializes in. Apparently the only gift I can give genetically is the gift of short femurs.

2. We have tooth number three! I talked about what happens when tooth number three appears previously, but man, number three is a tough one. We had a "wake up screaming every two hours all night long" session that we were all still recovering from a good two days later. It's not one of her front teeth, but slightly off to the side. It's still just hanging around barely poking out, which doesn't seem fair, considering how much trouble it's causing her.

3. She got her first sunburn! We were at a birthday party for a friend of mine's kiddo and while we slathered her so heavily in sunscreen she still smelled like it two baths later, I apparently missed a quarter-size spot on one of her arms. So there you go. She got a sunburn the size of two of my fingernails. I was very ashamed of myself.

4. I almost got her to scoot this week. Of course, she leaned over as far as she could, just baaaaaaaarely started to scoot across the floor... then got very angry, sat back up, and started wailing until I gave the food pouch she'd been busy chewing on back to her. So... not as successful as I might have hoped. We haven't even moved her crib mattress down yet because she simply doesn't even try to pull herself up. If she wakes up, she'll just lay there and talk to Holly Bear until one of us comes in to say hello - or if it's 2 am she'll whine because whining is just the best at 2 am.

5. She. Does. Not. Like. Eggs. All the books tell you to keep trying to give babies foods even if it seems like they don't like them at first, because it can take several tries before a baby likes something. Egg yolks are highly suggested as an early first protein. We've tried a few different ways, but this child is definitely not a fan of eggs. No dice.

6. She has laser-focused hands when it comes to twisting her little fingers up in literally any piece of jewelry I may be wearing. Notice I don't say her eyes are laser-focused - she'll find it even if she's looking in a whole different direction. She'll just reach out blindly and immediately grab my pendant and start choking me. Because motherhood is magical.

7. We met one of our neighbors the other day I had just gotten Audra home from daycare, tired and ready to nap since she never takes her afternoon nap when she's there, and I heard an older woman call out "Y'all come on over and talk to me!" Because I know better than to disobey the orders of older southern women, I went on over and met her. She's delightful and she said she'd seen us off and on but never quite got to where she could catch us to actually meet. Audra was exhausted and I was worried she'd get fussy and irritable at being forced to interact with someone new when she wanted to sleep so bad, but she. was. an. angel. She just watched the woman for a couple of minutes, and then after a while she'd kind of look at her nicely, and by the end she even gave her a couple of bright smiles. Our neighbor reminds me a lot of my paternal grandmother, who died about five years ago, and I went away from the conversation feeling a little bit like Audra has been able to meet the woman she was named for, almost. I don't know. It was an odd, slightly eerie feeling.

8. She's eating lots of regular food and not just pouches. Her daycare did "breakfast for lunch" last week with grits, sausage, and biscuits, and she apparently could not get enough. She's also starting to wind down her milk consumption a little bit... she's cut out about one bottle's worth and I think she's on her way to cutting out one more. When we're out, she doesn't really drink much at all. She'll take an ounce here or there but mostly wants to pick food off our plates or grab at our coffee cups. Half of it may end up in her hair or on the floor, but hey, yesterday I spilled coffee all down my shirt so who am I to judge?

9. Whatever you do, if you are giving Audra a bath, do not take that bottle of shampoo out of her hands when she grabs it. You (and your eardrums) will live to regret that choice. Who knew bathrooms had such loud acoustics, before they had children?

Only three months to go until my baby is a year old. That can't be right, can it?

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