Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Tale of the Sinus Infection That Would Not Die

Photo unrelated.
Photos of Audra in her adorable dress and a headband with a flower on it made by my cousin Beth Ann for my brother's wedding were requested, however.
Also, I have it on good authority that wedding programs are delicious.

When you first put a kid into daycare, they tell you to prepare for them (and you) to start getting sick like crazy all over the place. There are just so many new germs and bacteria for your delightful child to discover, and especially infants have a compelling need to put literally anything and everything in their mouth for exploration, even things that just came out of another infant's mouth.

Especially those things.

Prepared for the six-to-twelve(!!!) colds the internet told me to expect within her first year at daycare, I was a little bit surprised when it seemed like I had three immediately, back-to-back-to-back.

Then, the last one didn't really go away.

Audra fights little bits of new ones off, but seems to be getting more and more able to handle it as time goes by. Meanwhile, I was being knocked flat on my butt something like one day a month. February, I was lucky it was during a weekend, not a huge deal. March I basically lived on the couch Sunday and had to miss work Monday.

Jason kind of forced me to go to Urgent Care that Sunday because things had really and truly gotten out of hand. All the honey, orange juice, vitamins, and Traditional Medicinals teabags in the world weren't fixing this and I couldn't keep powering through. It hurt to eat broth. At Urgent Care, they diagnosed me with a sinus infection, probably a result of having so many colds that eventually overwhelmed my system, and gave me amoxicillin and a cough suppressant and sent me on my way.

I did my round of antibiotics, and I started to feel a little better... but it never quite went away. By the time I had been finished with it for a couple of days and truly became aware that it hadn't worked, we were about to leave town for Bryan's wedding and I didn't have time to make it back to talk to anyone. So I shrugged and figured, how bad could it be?

Handsome husband, adorable baby... everything is comin' up Katie.
Also, Jason doesn't know how fold-over socks work.

Well, the upside is that my sister has had bad allergies for a very long time and so her purse is a treasure trove of ways to treat the symptoms I was having. Around early to late afternoon my throat would start to swell and feel like razor blades every time I swallowed - ibuprofen and a decongestant from Christina would fix that for a little while.

We made it home, but by the time we got there I was starting to really, really, really feel it again.

I went to work on Tuesday, but started running a fever shortly before I went home. I drove home with the weird I-don't-fit-in-my-skin slightly dizzy fever-feeling I know pretty well. I had set an appointment with Urgent Care for Thursday. My friend Liz, who with her boyfriend had kept our dog for us while we were gone over the weekend, brought Indy back and stayed for dinner.

I. Was. A. Wreck.

I couldn't get warm. I spilled hot tea all over myself and had to change into pajamas. I was able to get Audra to sleep, but that was about all I had in me. Liz offered to change our dinner plans to a different night, and I had to ask her to stay because I wasn't sure I could take care of Audra until Jason got home if she woke up and needed me to have, um, the ability to leave the couch. I was shivering under two layers of blankets. We ended up having delivery Chinese food. The hot & sour soup was delicious but the cashew chicken tasted like nothing to me. Liz was incredibly nice, staying to talk to me and helping make me more tea. We should do dinner again when I am not an invalid.

By the time I got to bed I told Jason I needed to go to the doctor the next morning, I couldn't power through this, I couldn't wait for Thursday. Ibuprofen was dropping the fever, then it would wear off and the fever would spike again. It would help my throat feel better, but twice when the ibuprofen wore off I'd start coughing because my throat was too inflamed to swallow easily. My thigh bones and calves hurt, which is one of my telltale fever signs. Cycle and repeat.

Wednesday morning I dragged myself up. Jason took Audra to daycare and basically had to do everything for her that morning, because I had nothing. There was nothing in me. I drove to Urgent Care and emailed Jason to let him know that I really probably should not have been driving. I was starting to have weird vision stuff from the fever. Since I'm kind of a cautious Grandma-driver, that just made me drive even slower, but... still.

At Urgent Care, I was seen by Dr. Sunshine. My previous doctor had been Dr. Strange.

Neither of those names is a pseudonym.

Babies love other babies more than anything else.
This was, of course, after Audra decided to absolutely destroy her pretty dress.
Just... I can only describe it as 'carnage'.

Dr. Sunshine looked with his little light-thingy and we talked about what had gone on and he gently informed me that what the last round of antibiotics had done was simply to kill off the weak and sickly bacteria, leaving the strong ones to gather in the corner and plan a counterattack.

"Is this because I refused the steroids before?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

Dr. Sunshine sat back, paused for a moment, and then said slowly, "Well, I would say that I would really urge you to take them this time."

So I left with four, count 'em, four prescriptions called into our closest CVS.

I went home still shivering. Took my antibiotics, my steroids, and settled in under the blankets with a giant Venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. That Caramel Macchiato factors into the story for two reasons - the first is that it's my final Starbucks purchase until May 2nd, because I have decided I can no longer buy Starbucks for that long, just to see if I can pull it off. I can have it bought for me. I cannot buy it for myself.

The second reason?

I fell asleep less than halfway into it and had to throw it out when I woke up long after it had gone cold.

Yesterday was a day of letting things go cold - I made no fewer than three cups of tea that I just sort of forgot about or fell asleep or wandered away from. Some of them Jason drank as iced tea when he got home later, one I forced down. I still managed to drink at least one while it was still hot.

Sometime around 1:30, my fever broke for the last time. I could tell because instead of just feeling slightly better and having my temperature show up better on the thermometer, I actually broke out into a cold sweat and went from shivering under two blankets (and a dog and two cats who declared an all-out snuggle-a-thon) to being so hot I could barely stand another single second of being on the couch. I still felt like I was hit by a gigantic, possibly building-sized truck, so I asked Jason to be on Baby Duty and spend most of my evening on the couch sort of blearily staring off into space at Netflix.

Then, because I believe I have mentioned my child's impeccable sense of timing, Audra chose last night to be her night to wake up every hour from teething troubles. Jason took the first half of the night, I grabbed the second half, and between the two of us combined I think we cobbled together something close to seven hours of sleep. I managed to get her to daycare and get myself to work and I'm all drugged up on steroids and antibiotics and orange juice and tea.

I feel significantly better already. If my throat remains un-razor-blade-y until noon, it will be approximately one full day of it not being hard to swallow, which is the longest it will have gone since I got sick in the first place.

Okay, so one more with the pretty dress.
She really did look adorable in it.
Also, if you're wondering why I'm not writing about the wedding itself, well...
some stories belong to their people, not to me.
I'll just tell you it was lovely and he kissed her and they're married, amen.

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