Monday, April 6, 2015

8 Months

Some things about Audra at 8 months old:

1. She has two teeth. This has given her new and incredible powers, including the ability to use her teeth (both her bottom front ones) to slowly scrape the sides off a strawberry. Yes, large parts of the strawberry end up smeared in her hair, on her face, and down her shirt... but she definitely eats at least a quarter of what she gets into. Then she smells like strawberries all night, even after bathtime! Really, it's a win-win for us. Except that those two little teeth are sharp. I keep thinking one day she's going to draw blood.

2. She can mostly hold her own weight if you stand her up. Granted, she has yet to show any interest on doing any of this for herself. She's content to hang out on the floor and wait, because sooner or later somebody's going to carry her around somewhere and she's sure wherever we're going? Super cool. But not sure enough that she cares to get there under her own power.

3. Basically still won't hold her own bottle. She can do it, she just... chooses not to. Laziest. Baby. Ever. Every once in a while she won't be paying attention and she'll be holding it? And I will see her realize I'm watching her hold it and she'll just let it drop. Silly baby.

4. Favorite foods - the aforementioned strawberries, an apple plum kamut pouch from Earth's Best Organic, vanilla teething biscuits, bananas, and grits. Least favorite foods - scrambled eggs. Which is a problem, because all the books swore up and down she'd love eggs for breakfast, and she is very much 'meh' on eggs. On the other hand, the dog is here to help whenever we have extra edible anything on hand, so... he's makin' out like a bandit.

5. She's got a cold (woooooooo the never-ending cycle of illness with infants...) and so she's kind of miserable at night right now. We've gone three nights in a row where she can't sleep and just sort of rolls around whining, keeping us up. I was up shortly after 4 AM this morning with her, and she could not relax enough to fall deeply asleep. It was pretty heartbreaking. Although of course when I got her to daycare she was all smiles and cheer and light while I tried to explain to the daycare ladies that she might be fussy. I think she enjoys making me seem insane.

6. She likes to sit up more than she likes laying down right now, so I try to always sit her in front of toys that are easy to play with that way. Stacking rings are a definite favorite at the moment. She can sit up perfectly well, but she's got kind of a big head so she tends to wobble as she gets tired and her body kind of realizes 'wait, two-thirds of my weight is all above my neck'. Then she faceplants into the carpet.

7. On a related note, I am buying 9 - 12 or 12 - 18 month old clothing for an 8 month old, entirely due to neckline on the shirts. Unless they have a button, snaps, or some kind of adjustable neck situation happening she can't wear her own size. But the size-or-two up I end up buying looks too big, so then she's kind of a ragamuffin child. I've decided to just embrace it. Just call me Mommy Ragamuffin.

8. She's joyous. No matter how tired or cranky she is, she's always got a smile for me. No matter how much she and I might spend our day alternating our whining back and forth, she'll flash those teeth when we talk to her. She snuggles into our bed sometimes in the early morning and she'll get right between Jason and I, take a deep breath, and drift back off to comfortable sleep. Or when I try to slide out to go to the bathroom, she'll roll towards me or reach out her little hands. Or even this morning, after we'd been fighting back and forth to get my poor coughing baby to sleep, just to sleep... she buried her little head under my chin and made a few short happy 'ma-ma' noises. No, they're not words - she doesn't know she's saying 'mama' for me or anything. But it was still wonderful to hear.

9. We think her first word will be 'no', because she's definitely started to go "NA NA NA NA" when she doesn't like something or want to do it. So now we hear a LOT of 'nananananana' when we're changing her, trying to get her to go to sleep, moved her leg one inch further to the left than she prefers it to be, or once when we committed the unpardonable sin of trying to move a load of laundry from washer to dryer instead of looking at her. I'm really looking forward to seeing the first time she really realizes what she's saying. It's gonna be awesome.

Well... briefly awesome. Then really, really annoying.

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