Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Things - The Tacos, Teething, and Greenville Goods Edition

1. I used to pick up Clean Eating magazine all the time. Unfortunately, Jason and I didn't really have the money to buy most of their 'clean' substitutions. It felt like all the 'clean' stuff was going to be really pricey, and so many of their recipes kind of fell by the wayside for me and I eventually stopped buying it. Exceptions to this rule include the roasted chickpeas that I make for snacking all the time and I think a pumpkin soup recipe I used at one point.

Well, I recently picked up another issue, and we've made two recipes out of it and both were exceptional and not particularly expensive! They didn't include the pricey substitutes that have been such a problem for us.

We made Kimchi Fried Rice and Kimchi Tacos, although instead of using tempeh for the fried rice I just used tofu, since it was on sale at Publix this week.

Kimchi is a pickled-cabbage-and-veggie condiment prized as basically the Korean equivalent of ketchup, in that it's everywhere and you put it on everything. It's pretty common in several Asian countries, because it's delicious. It's an acquired taste, definitely - a little like sauerkraut but with a much spicier and sweet-and-sour thing going. We used to keep kimchi on hand all the time and hadn't in a while, so a couple weeks ago I picked some up at an Asian market on the way back from my friend's house.

Then we ate it all in like three days.

So I bought some more at Mekong restaurant, who sell their own homemade kimchi, which is definitely sweeter and less spicy than what I've bought in the past.

Then we ate all of that in like three days.

So... clearly we like kimchi in this house, is where I'm going with this.

So we ate the fried rice and the tacos, and they were both really, really good. The tacos were my favorite of the two recipes - the addition of peanuts and cilantro and lime juice made sort of an odd fusion-thought into a really delicious idea. I would totally make this again. In fact, I almost certainly will make this again.

You know. The next time we decide to eat a whole jar of kimchi in less than a week.

2. The Illustrated Guide to the 5 Stages of Teething, from

So far we've only made it to Stage 2, but it seems deeply accurate.

At least she's a cute rabid chipmunk?

3. There are days that I wish I was less of a rollicking tomboy and more into wearing things like dresses. It's usually on days when I see something like this.

I'm sure not a single eyebrow will raise in surprise when you see it's from Boden, one of my all-time favorite brands, although it's a brand I find tricky when it comes to fit and what styles will look good on me vs. what won't.


They have some dresses that are seriously making me reconsider my tomboy ways.

There's the Francine dress above, but also this lovely Easy Day Dress in the yellow and gray, the Breezy Emma dress which seems to have been designed a unflatteringly as possible but has a gorgeous print, the Rosalyn dress... it just goes on and on like that. If only I weren't a gigantic tomboy with no money. Sigh.

4. I've discovered a new brand of clothing and toys for kids, and that is becoming an increasingly dangerous knowledge. The brand is Wee Monster, and they do mostly baby and toddler clothing but with a darker spin to it, instead of the saccharine sweet that your normally find with baby and toddler stuff.

They have all kinds of stuff I'm head over heels for, like this sweatshirt or this T-shirt, but what I'm really, really staring wistfully at is Marcos the Fox up there and his friend Lewis the Raccoon. They're kind of the coolest stuffed animals I've ever seen.

The upside to children, I suppose, is that there is always an excuse to buy them more presents lurking around the corner, right?

I'm keeping my eye on this brand. Brands like this, Jessy and Jack and Zutano all kind of give me hope that there are other people out there who want their kids to look a little offbeat like I do.

5. If you've been reading for any length of time, then you know that I love my adopted town of Greenville, South Carolina. We moved here in August 2010, taking kind of a chance. Jason had been born and raised here, but I'd only visited a couple of times and neither of us had work lined up. While Jason's family still lives here, it felt like a huge risk to just close our eyes and go. We saved up enough to cover the move, leased an apartment, crossed our finger, and prayed we'd find jobs before the savings ran out.

Five years later, we still live here, and you'd have to pay me quite a lot to convince me to leave.

Greenville is a great place - it's enough of a city for me to have access to both delivery pizza and delivery Chinese, there are Vietnamese, Mexican, organic, and Columbian restaurants all a stone's throw away. The city throws great downtown farmers' markets and events like Artisphere.

And best of all? The people. Greenville small business owners are insanely supportive of one another, attending each other's events, talking each other up, buying each other's products and basically just taking care of one another.

Greenville Goods is a new brand started out with just that idea in mind. They're just getting off the ground and currently only sell a few things, but keep an eye out on them to see what happens! Right now they have signs from Olive & Grey and Pallet and Crate and necklaces from Laura Cox Designs (Laura also runs the Reedy Review and you've probably seen her around - she's a fixture at Greenville events, mostly recently at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery's Spring Flea). I try to support Greenville whenever I can, so I'm keeping an eye out on Greenville Goods to see what's coming up! (Also, dreaming about picking up one of Laura's necklaces - they seem like the kind that can take a little bit of a beating from an infant who thinks any and all things should be chewed or pulled on at all times)

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and Hey! Greenville is a lovely city we visit often usually to go to the peace center! I live about 45 minutes away in Georgia


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