Wednesday, March 4, 2015

7 Months

Some things about Audra at seven months old:

- She has absolutely no interest whatsoever in crawling. If something is out of her reach, she just rolls her entire body over and over in the direction she wants to go. We have watched her go from the center of her playmat nearly over to where her hamper of dirty clothes is entirely through this whole-body-rolling-system. If she gets too lazy/unwilling to roll, she'll just lay there and stare at what she wants and then make noises until someone comes in to help. I am thoroughly convinced she can crawl and simply chooses not to.

- On the other hand, she is deeply interested in standing up! She loves our "practice standing up" game and can hold a lot of her own little body weight for a surprisingly long time (don't worry, I'm still right there with my hands under her arms making sure she doesn't take too much). My current theory is that she'll spend like two days thinking about crawling and then go straight to walking.

- She sits up! She loves seeing the world from this whole new point of view. She could sit up before, but wasn't as interested in it as she is right now. Right now she is always trying to lean herself forward so we'll help her sit. Unfortunately, if she leans forward and then sees something exciting she'll stiffen her whole body in excitement, plank out and just fall over. So we still kind of keep an eye on her.

- Baby-talk is like a light switch turned on. Just within the last few weeks her baby-talk has gone from sort of thoughtful to constant, rapid-fire syllables all the time. She is talking to us day and night, nonstop. Her favorite syllable is 'da', but it doesn't mean anything to her yet. I'm working on trying to teach her "mama" so that I can beat out Jason, but I have a feeling she'll get "Dada" first.

- She eats lots of solids now. She starts her mornings out with a little bit of milk, then has grits for breakfast when she gets to daycare. Sometimes in the morning she'll drink a bottle of milk, then eat one of her pouches for lunch. In the afternoon she has another bottle and lately she's been eating a whole second pouch. In the evenings she mostly has milk because she's pretty thirsty after her day. We've started introducing water here and there, in a sippy cup. It... hasn't gone well.

- We took her to Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Greenville last week. I got their Country Breakfast, which you can get with a bowl of grits. We fed her a few spoonfuls but the interesting place full of unfamiliar people all telling her how cute she was distracted her too much. She did, however, become completely enamored of the spoon.

- Yesterday it was so nice when I picked her up from daycare that we took a short walk around the grass by the car and she smiled at the breeze and enjoyed the sun. She's going to be a little southern girl who is all about the sunshine and not so good about the cold, I can already tell.

- I bought her some shoes at The Petite Parade, which is an upscale babies' and childrens' clothing boutique in downtown Greenville. I shop there every time I'm downtown, although I usually can't buy anything unless it's on sale. The shoes, though, were actually pretty affordable so I couldn't resist. There was another family with a baby probably two or three months older than her there, and we were all enjoying the babies doing what I call the "care bear stare" at each other - where they are just so completely fascinated by seeing another baby in this world full of big people, but can't talk yet, so they communicate entirely through wide-eyed enthusiasm.

Simba continues to shrink! Although it's definitely getting harder to get a clear shot of the sticker with the months on it as time goes by. She's become very, very, very interested in just slooooooooowly scratching her fingernails along the surface of it. But look how blonde her hair is now! Just in the last two months!


  1. Your baby is adorable. How do you even stop smooshing her?

    I happen to know a lot of people who never crawled, but I don't know if that's coincidence or it's more common than I think.

    1. The short answer is basically that I don't. I don't stop. Part of the reason she doesn't want to crawl is probably that we just hug her every chance we get so she doesn't need to learn.

  2. This baby IS totally awesome. Happy 7 months Audra!


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