Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This Weekend I / Currently, I'm

This weekend I
had lunch at SWAD with Jason on Friday when I ended up working from home
it was the best Indian food ever
then had an intense discussion with the cheese lady at the Fresh Market
when she and I disagreed on what constitutes "farmer's cheese"
did my first month of volunteering at what used to be one of my workplaces
(it was magically different and wonderful)
cooked welsh rarebit for The Cookbook Project with tomato soup
the perfect pairing with winter chill
bought too much fish at Publix and then forgot why I bought it
(that's okay, we're good at fish)
drank too many things from Starbucks with coconut milk in them
because it's delicious
picked something up, put it back down again, and promptly forgot where I left it
four times
tried to plan for my outfit for my brother's (casual, outdoors in Texas) wedding
I like these pants - does anyone else like them or am I crazy?
What should I wear?
had brunch at Nose Dive with some friends who also have little ones
and was not wholly impressed. I liked the idea of the grits bar
but grits without shrimp as an included topping
is a crime against southern breakfast
never did a single bit of laundry
despite telling myself I needed to three separate days in a row
I haven't seen my driver's license in three days.

Currently, I'm
drinking Caribou Coffee's Caribou blend and
wishing there was a Caribou Coffee in this state
working from home, again, this time due to
snow that just keeps coming and coming
reading or at least trying to read this book
only it turns out reading is hard with a post-baby attention span
pinning like a million things from anthropologie
which is entirely Sarah and Jo's fault because they forced me to go there Sunday
cooking probably bacon and eggs for breakfast in a minute
because if you have bacon and eggs
you should eat bacon and eggs
considering baking some bread while I'm home today
(take that, bread and milk panic-buyers!)
listening to the baby-babble from a few feet away,
and loving every second of it
going nowhere
except maybe to go play in the snow
with a baby who has never really seen anything like this before
in her life.

and I really do need to do some laundry.


  1. I love the pants. You need them. I love them so much I'm tempted to order them for myself...

  2. I love the pants. You need them. I love them so much I'm tempted to order them for myself...

    1. I just don't know about them being crops. I have these itty bitty widdle legs and they might make them even ittle-er. Hm...


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