Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Breath Inbetween

Because the universe has been sending me "you should do this, you are doing the right thing" signs about this job, I've been in a pretty good mood about it overall. For instance - when I did the last interview, every single song that played on the radio station I listened to on the way was playing super upbeat, inspirational music. That radio station is Chuck FM, which is basically random, so I couldn't even blame it on the genre the station played or anything. Then the heat at my last workplace wasn't working and no one was in any particular hurry to come help us fix it. While I sat there that morning with very, very cold hands and no coat it occurred to me that maybe this was a sign that it was good to leave. When I asked about attending my brother's wedding (which will cause me to miss a day of work less than two months after I start the job), my new boss was happy to give me permission to plan to go.

On my final day, my final minute, as I pulled out of my workplace's driveway for the last time as an employee, the Florence & the Machine song "Dog Days Are Over" began to play.

It all seemed very clear, as far as messages from the universe go; I had made the right decision.

Well, the universe may have changed its mind, because suddenly we're about to hit with a winter storm, everyone is doing their usual panic-induced bread-and-milk-buying-rampage at all the local stores, and businesses (and daycares) have already begun to announce early closures, delays, or closings. For my first day at my new job.

So I've decided that perhaps I should stop looking to the universe for signs, because the universe doesn't know what it wants me to do.

Instead I baked a loaf of olive, basil, and sundried-tomato bread, won a $50 credit in a giveaway our veggie and fruit delivery people ran, hung out with a baby who is probably going through another growth spurt and therefore cries literally any time you are not holding her and some of the times you are, drank a lot of tea, and ate some cheesecake with fruit on top from the Fresh Market, which is the Land of Perfect Desserts.

Take that, universe.

... but still be nice to me and let me have a good day tomorrow, okay?



  1. Good luck, Katie! I'm so proud and excited for you!

  2. Good luck, Katie! I'm so proud and excited for you!


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