Thursday, February 5, 2015

6 Months

Some things about Audra at 6 months:

- She recently started figuring out how to really reach for me or Jason. She would do it before, but unconsciously. I think within the last couple of weeks it's really clicked in her mind. She'll just leeeeeeeaaaaan out of the daycare ladies' arms towards me when I come to pick her up, and now she's started raising her arms to picked up out of her chair or her carseat.

- On a related note, she tries to 'help' me get her out of the carseat in a number of ways. She doesn't really like being in there, primarily because she finds it impossible to stay awake once the car starts moving and she doesn't like that very much (can you blame her?). So when she knows I'm about to take her out, she'll start wiggling and try to help me get her out of her harness, trying to throw it to the side. Then she tries to push herself up into my hands or holds her arms out. It's ridiculously adorable.

- The daycare ladies call her a joy and one of their easiest babies. They're probably just saying that to make me happy? But she really is just the happiest baby. They were telling me a couple of days ago that she's an easy little girl to figure out - if she's crying, there's a reason for it, and it's probably something that is easy to fix. Either change her, lay her down for a nap, or feed her, and she's good to go. Otherwise, she is just mostly snuggled all day long because she's happy so long as there are arms around her. Then again, wouldn't we all be happy like that all day?

- I seriously thought Sophie la Giraffe was the most overhyped, oddly expensive infants' toy ever... until I owned one. I registered for one because two or three of my friends assured me that she would be so loved and I received one and I thought, okay, let's see... well, they weren't wrong. Sophie is so very, very loved. I completely see why she's worth her purchase price! If we ever lose Sophie, I'm buying a new one, like, immediately. Her little shape is absolutely perfect for gnawing on and if I'm trying to cook dinner and entertain Audra at the same time, Sophie can always be counted on to buy me precious minutes to stir or chop or mix. We have a few other teethers, but it's Sophie she seems to love the most.

- She has begun to 'scoot'! It's a slow, painstaking process right now. Mostly she gets her head up, her arms out and just sort of flails around wildly until she gets somewhere. I'm not sure she has any particular destination in mind, but she'll get there as fast as she can! By going mostly in half-circles!

- We like to practice standing up. I hold her, with my hands under her arms, and place her so her feet are flat on the floor and she's standing 'all by herself'. I'm still holding most of her weight, but she loves standing up the way the grownups do. She just lights up. We practiced standing up at daycare the other day and one of the ladies actually remarked how happy it clearly made her. 

- She loves being tall, too. Now and then Jason will sit her up on his shoulder so she's taller than me, and she's the happiest baby ever. She can't figure out what happened to make her such a giant, but she wants more of that, whatever it was!

- She has definitely regressed to not sleeping through the night as a rule. It's not a huge deal; often we can get her down to only one or two wake ups. I'm not sure what changed, exactly, because she wasn't actually sleeping through the night for very long at any given time. She'll get back there. But for right now, I'm getting a lot done at 5 a.m. when I'm up for the day anyway.

- We are eating solids! While Baby-Led Weaning is still our ideal, we've done some compromising to make things easier on daycare and on ourselves, and do a meld of purees and whole foods. She's perfectly happy either way, but obviously gets much more nutrition from purees. They tell me at daycare that she doesn't fight it, she's perfectly happy to eat, and that she was starting to get frustrated watching the other babies eat food when all she got was milk, so it was really time. Right now she's loving an Apple-Oatmeal with Cinnamon pouch, and we've had no allergic reactions that I can tell.

- That little pink shirt she's wearing, by the way, is from babyGap (of course). I own it in all three colors - they had them on sale for like 4$ apiece and still had her size, so I grabbed them, thinking I probably wouldn't put her in them that much right away since we're still wearing onesies. Welp, turns out once I had lots of T-shirts available, I started phasing onesies slowly out! We still wear mostly onesies, but little grown-up style shirts are growing on me. Mostly because it lets us skip a step in the diaper change madness.

- I know she won't always be so snuggly, so I try to maximize it and not freak out if it changes my plans or timeline. This is sometimes harder than it sounds, as I am someone who puts a lot of stock in being on time and having my plans go the way I've worked them out in advance. Sometimes Jason gets a text message telling him dinner will be late, the baby was hungry and then fell asleep in my arms and I couldn't bear to put her down in time. Or we went to see our friend Jenn who recently had a baby of her own and ended up being significantly later than our original plan because Audra fell asleep and, after a rough night, we needed to let her catch up on her sleep. Mostly, though, it's in the evenings just after I get home. The unfortunate part about both of us having to work full-time is the reality that for a while, we're not going to see a ton of her awake - so we focus on the snuggly naptimes as much as we can and try and get our time in.

- She is so, so wiggly. You may have noticed this set of photos involves a lot more of Audra in various sideways positions, holding the lion, or with Simba moved further away. That's because she wouldn't stop grabbing him and giggling! So I did what I had to do - I took photos of her giggling and gnawing on Simba's soft paws. Somehow, I think I'll survive that horrible ordeal of happiness.

- She definitely reaches for the dog and the cats now. She loves to try and grab at the cats' tails, which doesn't bother Sanna but our older cat is not a fan. I've been surprised, to be honest, by how lovely she has been to the baby, though - she'll just watch her, try to move her tail out of the way, and politely get up and remove herself from the situation if the baby's hands are just too grabby. I do what I can, but I can't always catch those little fingers before they find that fur. Or before Indy licks her. But that's what hygienic wipes are for!

- Her next well-baby checkup is next Monday, along with the next round of vaccinations. I've been putting her in daycare for parts of Mondays, but I'm going to keep her home next week. I think she's going to need some hugs and one-on-one time, and odds are I'll need some time to recover myself. I did pretty well last time, but you never know.

- I was asked by a couple of people if I would change daycares to get one closer to my new workplace once I change jobs, and you know, I really don't think so. She absolutely adores her daycare ladies, and I don't think I could bear to make her part with them. They're so wonderful and happy and they like her so much, and she loves them! It helps the having-to-leave-her-all-day part, that it's gone so well for us right off the bat. Between my friend Sarah being able to take her for the first couple of months back to work and a daycare that is so full of joy, we've really had kind of an ideal start to childcare.


  1. She is gorgeous! And when my nephew finally got the hang of scooting (that's when they sit and pull themselves along right?) it was SO CUTE. He scooted all over their house and I just followed him giggling haha

  2. So cute!


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