Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Things - The Looking Forward To Edition

1. This is kind of going to be the Year of Katie as far as book releases are concerned. It seems like every time I turn around, another author I love is putting out new books!

Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warning just came out. Neil Gaiman has been in my top five favorite authors for a very long time. I even met him when I was fourteen (see a photo of me meeting Neil Gaiman, in all my adorable little teenage goth glory, in this post). And actually, if you click the link to that post, the photo of me with Neil Gaiman is in the middle of something that is otherwise about me meeting Rachel Held Evans, who also has a book coming out this year, Searching for Sunday!

Then you've got Sarah Bessey's Out of Sorts (I read and adored Jesus Feminist and cannot wait to see what she's got coming up next), Lauren Winner's Wearing God, Shauna Niequist's Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, Jen Lancaster's I Regret Nothing (I picked up her first book, Bitter is the New Black, and basically died laughing from start to finish and now I want to read everything she's ever done), Parentology: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Science of Raising Children But Were Too Exhausted To Ask, Don't Put Lipstick on the Cat... throw Joe Abercrombie's Half the World in there and I've got a Wishlist that feels like it's half made up of books that aren't out yet.

(The other half of my Wishlist is made up of Simpsons DVDs I don't yet own.)

I'm incredibly enthusiastic about all this.

Or I will be, as soon as I feel like dropping that much money on books is no longer something to cringe about. So... eventually?

Jason is... probably less enthuasiatic, but he sees the dollar signs mounting as my Amazon shopping cart grows ever more weighed down.

2. So Life is Good.

You probably know of this brand as the people who make the incredibly soft T-shirts with sayings like Happy Hour with a screenprint of a stick-figure roasting marshmallows with their dog over a fire, or prints of mountains, beaches, forests, hiking boots and whatnot. They're a pretty popular brand based out of New England, but they're popular with a very specific set of people, I think; outdoor enthusiasts, Airstream people, rural Midwesterners in general apparently... and me.

They've branched out into items that are quite a bit different than their traditional screenprinted T-shirts, and that striped dress up there is one of them. It looks like it's probably far shorter than I would willingly wear, but I am daydreaming about it with black skinny jeans and a cardigan in the fall and winter, and maybe seeing if I could talk myself into wearing it as it is in the summer.

It just looks incredibly, deeply cute.

I'm looking forward to summer this year, actually, in that I won't be hugely pregnant and therefore miserable right from the start of May on through to August. I won't have to hide in air conditioning just to get my body temperature down to something not horrible!

I... probably still will hide in air conditioning.

I just won't have to.

(P.S. I am also in love with their new Remix Collection, mostly this long-sleeved T-shirt that I have absolutely no reason to ever wear in South Carolina except in January).

3. I realize that we've literally got six months to go, but I'm already starting to get plans together for Audra's first birthday party. First birthday parties aren't really about the baby, but more about the exhausted parents gathering together all and sundry to show off how they totally managed to keep the baby alive for a whole year and give themselves an excuse to eat cake.

I will take that excuse, people.

And I will eat so much cake.

So right now I'm clicking through Pinterest going a little crazy finding all the ideas. So far my favorite is a "sunshine" party, especially since she'll turn one in the hottest month of the year ("Let's get pregnant in November!" I said. "I can handle the heat!" I said.) and sunshine seems like an appropriate direction to go.

So I'm trying to decide just how lazy I want to be, and how much time I'm willing to spend painstakingly putting this party together... or if I just want to snag the Chocolate Moose to make us a bunch of cupcakes and only have to think about the decor.

Some of which I will probably buy ready-made.

I am... not really a Pinterest Mom.

This lady here, though. Her I like. A member of the BabyCenter community, she posted up photos of her DIY'd "You Are My Sunshine" birthday party for her little girl. It has way less pink than the other party ideas I had found, and I like all the DIY stuff and think I could manage not to screw that up.

I'm still probably gonna pay for cupcakes, though. I... I just really like The Chocolate Moose.

4. As I've mentioned before, Jason and I get a delivery of fruits and vegetables each week from Mother Earth Produce, a regional delivery service that drops us off a box every Saturday morning. We are huge fans. It forces some variety into our vegetable-eating (I am not someone who will voluntarily buy collard greens or kale, no matter how delicious they end up being once I've cooked them) and fits easily into our weekly grocery budget.

Well, MEP is doing a giveaway!

They're giving away a $50 gift certificate! There's still time to enter, so if you're local or regional (Western NC might also count - go check out their website to see if you're close enough) get on over there and do so!

How is this part of the "looking forward to" theme, you ask?


I'm looking forward to winning.

So there.

5. So, my brother met this girl.

I mean, he met a girl a few years ago. She's sweet and fun and I am so glad he met her because he couldn't have picked someone more perfect if he tried. I'm not about to tell you a story or anything, it's their story to tell, but I do have exciting news. They're getting married! In Texas!

Which means the Faulks are goin' to Texas!

The only part of Texas I have ever seen before is the big airport in, I think... Dallas? I don't know. It had a train that let us look out and I saw more people wearing cowboy hats during our two-hour layover there than I had ever previously seen in my life. And bolo ties! I counted something like twenty separate bolo ties.

That seems like a lot of bolos.

In any case, I have never actually stepped foot on Texas ground so this will be all new to me. I'm hoping there will be time for me to visit at least one interesting local coffee shop, as is my way. But I'm going to see my brother get married! My new work was generous enough to give the okay for me to miss a day and I am so excited.

And I get to pick out a little dress for Audra to wear! Current thoughts are that little blue lace dress up there from Carter's, or this bluebird dress or this other pretty embroidered dress from babyGap. Anyone have a vote?

Oh, but wait. I don't think I even own anything appropriate for a Texas wedding in the spring.

I get to shop for both of us.

 I am looking forward to 2015. I feel like it's going to be a great year. Not because of the shopping though. Well... kind of because of the shopping.

Of course, I am also completely terrified of dying in a plane crash, hate flying, and have discovered all my phobias that I had started to make progress on have come roaring back now that I have a baby to focus them on.

So this will be fun!

Let's see who loses their mind first, me from terror or Jason from having to deal with me!


P.S. - the links in the books section are Amazon affiliate links. If you click through and choose to purchase, I may receive a small commission based on those sales. I can honestly promise you I will totally just use it to buy more books.


  1. I vote for the embroidered Gap dress for Audra! Although there's really no way to go wrong here when it comes to adorable tiny baby dresses.

    1. I was outvoted by Grandma before it even began - she's getting the blue lace, haha

  2. That little bluebird-print dress is perfection, I say go with that one!

    1. Close - my mom likes the blue lace one the best, so that's what she's gettin'!

  3. Aaahhhahahaha the bolo ties. There is no accessory I enjoy making fun of more. And congrats to your brother, that's such happy news. :)

  4. Aaahhhahahaha the bolo ties. There is no accessory I enjoy making fun of more. And congrats to your brother, that's such happy news. :)


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