Friday, January 23, 2015

The Cookbook Project - 3/52

The third dish in the Cookbook Project is Beef Paprikash, or Goulash. I learned something about goulash, my friends; I learned that it does not photograph well.

Well, okay, I learned two things; I also learned that beef is insanely expensive.

Neither of those things kept me from achieving my objective, and the paprikash was made! And consumed. And um... consumed rather quickly, actually.

This just seems like the perfect winter food - its almost a hearty stew. We ate it with a side salad and big hunks of the basic Farmhouse Bread from my last post (yes, I already made two more loaves. I'm eyeballing using up my last yeast packet and making yet two more) but I think it honestly would have been Farmers Cookbook, and I kind of wish in retrospect that I had taken them.

Oh well.

It was still delicious.

Ingredients - Amounts Omitted
Steak tips or stew beef (I ended up using stir fry beef because it was cheaper. Still delicious.)
onion, sliced
olive oil
Tomatoes, cut in chunks (canned is fine)
Sour cream

This is easy. Heat up the olive oil in a heavy pot. Brown meat on one side, then turn over. At that point, add the onions and seasoning while the meat is still browning, stirring occasionally. Add tomatoes and water, bring to boil, then simmer for about an hour. You want the liquid to reduce and become basically a thick sauce. Stir in the sour cream, serve.

You may have noticed something in the photos above - the absence of sour cream. I totally forgot the sour cream. I failed. Three weeks in and I've already failed the "I will use the ingredients as listed" part of the project.

Woe is me.

Woe to Katie.

It was still delicious, especially when the read soaked up the liquid and we were munching on deliciously paprika-heavy bread. But make sure you don't forget the sour cream, because that would definitely have been the finishing touch on the dish.

The book states that it serves "four hungry people", but even with a side salad and bread, Jason and I found that it was more like three people who are feeling somewhat peckish. For a good family dinner, I'd double the recipe and just plan for a serving or so leftover at the end.

All in all, this is three for three - all delicious recipes so far, and I haven't screwed any of them up enough to affect the taste badly! Yay!

Next week - orange  anise-glazed carrots!

I've never used anise seed in cooking before. This should be fun!

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Please. I want new books.

I waaaaaaaant them.

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