Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Did Something Kind of Impulsive

A couple of months ago, Jason and I were sitting in the living room. I was clicking through a series of business listings on a site called SCIway. At that point, what I was clicking through were some marketing and design sites. It was basically just to see what the companies were like, what they did, things like that.

I landed on a particular site and saw they had a job opening. I read the description. I looked at it for a while longer. "Hey," I said over my shoulder. "I could do this."


"Yeah." I read the description out loud to him, start to finish.

Jason thought about it for a second. "You really could do that," he said. "You should apply for it."

I hemmed and hawed, tried to talk myself out of the idea, but it was just too enticing a job; too full of all the things I find really interesting about marketing and the internet. So, in the end, I sent an email with an inquiry, my resume, and some writing samples. "I probably won't get a reply," I said, "but it'll definitely be good experience on applying, right?"

"Why wouldn't you get a reply?" Jason asked.

"Well, I've never worked in the industry, I don't know how good my resume looks... I don't know. I just probably won't."

Then I got a phone call and was asked to come in for an interview.

The interview went really well, I thought, but at the same time I wondered if thinking the interview had gone well would somehow mean it really hadn't. I told Jason I probably wouldn't hear anything. He disagreed.

I came home, went through the holidays, and the deadline for when I had been told I might be called back in was approaching. "I really think I probably won't hear back," I told Jason. He asked me why I thought that, and I couldn't think of any particular reason. The interview had gone really well, actually. I had done a really good job, I thought. We had gotten along very well. Still, I convinced myself I wouldn't get a call back.

Then I got a call back.

I came in for a second in-person interview, with a couple members of the company's team that I would be working with if I were hired. It was a pretty short interview, and when I left I said to Jason, "I probably won't be offered the job."

He asked me why I thought that.

I couldn't think of any particular reason.

This interview had gone really well, too. I just wasn't sure.

Then I was offered a job.

All of this was my roundabout way of telling you that I gave two weeks' notice at my current job today, and I'm starting the new one soon. I'm terribly excited, although you'll understand if I keep the details at a minimum, for privacy reasons. I'm already daydreaming about the return of Saturdays to my life, of being able to visit the Farmers' Market in downtown Greenville more than once or twice during the season, of running up to the weekly market in Travelers Rest, of lunches with friends and family that I have always had to miss out on before.

I'm dreaming of working so close to a Starbucks I could very nearly touch it.

I'm thrilled to my bones.

Not even just to my bones. Even my bones are thrilled.

So I need to get started on the Training Packet for my replacement.

I can't even tell you how happy it made me to type those words.


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like a great fit for your family!

    1. I hope so! I am very excited to make the switch to a whole new industry!

  2. That's awesome, congratulations! I didn't realize you had to work Saturdays, but glad you have them back now.

    1. Yeah, the only Saturdays I've had off within the past three years have been days I specifically took vacation time. It's been wonderful to have that paid vacation time available, I will say that. But I definitely missed weekends in a big way.

  3. We are so excited to have you join our team!

    1. I hope I can live up to your excitement! :) I'll try to be very impressive.


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