Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Months

Some things about Audra at five months' old:

- She can definitely roll all the way over by herself now. She just doesn't like to do it if I'm watching her. I'll routinely lay her on her play mat only to come back in after a minute spent folding laundry or something, only to find her on her stomach and happily scratching at the play mat. Then she'll fuss and pretend she doesn't know how to roll back over until I come and help her, but I'm rapidly beginning to think it's all part of her plan.

-We are one hundred percent into babble-talking now. There isn't a moment she's awake she isn't trying to communicate with us in one way or another. Her favorite sound is making raspberry noises with her tongue, which she just recently managed to start doing on purpose and now it's the only sound she ever really wants to make. I'm currently on a mission to get her to say "ma-ma", but right now when I start trying to get her to do it, she just laughs at me. She thinks I am the funniest person in the world when I try to get her to say "mama". Then she makes raspberry noises at me and rolls the other way.

- We haven't really introduced solids. We're planning to go with Baby Led Weaning, so right now we've started handing her baby-hand-sized pieces of whatever we're eating - like a piece of bread or last night, a couple of steamed green beans. She takes them in her hands very readily, puts them up to her mouth, gums on them for a while, then lets them drop and when she's lost interest, I take them away. Baby Led Weaning starts off by letting them just figure out that food is interesting, first - eating it comes when they're actually ready for it. What we're learning is that babies aren't really ready to start eating solids at four or five months, they really need to hit a specific developmental point for it to 'take'. I have this incredible dream of skipping the spoon-fed food-battle stage. Plus, there's some evidence that babies introduced to food this way are less likely to be picky eaters later on. I will do whatever it takes to not have to deal with picky eating, considering my household is routinely full of sushi, shrimp, collard greens, and coconut milk.

- Her hair... has done essentially no growing since her last set of photos. I'm okay with it. She is routinely mistaken for a boy, thanks to my unwillingness to froof her out. This seems to bother the people who makes the mistake far more than it does me.

- We are no closer to figuring out what we did to deserve such an exceptionally good baby. Even when she's overtired in a room full of noisy people, she's not a screamer. We're able to pick up on her fussiness early and get her somewhere dark and quiet. It helps when we're in the houses of people who have had children, who usually have somewhere nice set aside where we can lay her down and let her sleep.

 - She is becoming increasingly frustrated when something is just out of her reach. She'll swing her arms wildly trying to grab it if it's above her head, or she'll try to roll over and sort of gently wriggle towards it if she's on the floor. I've caught her on her stomach scrabbling at her playmat. I think it's only a matter of time before she figures out that her legs would be of some use. At which point we will need to seriously childproof this house.

- We had a scare yesterday. Jason and I laid her down for a nap, and she did her usual "I don't wanna" fussing, and then suddenly we heard it ratchet up to full on shrieking. He and I both basically leaped OVER the couch to get to her nursery, opened the door, and found her on her stomach, bawling. Her foot had made it between the slats of the crib, and she hasn't gotten used to being on her stomach enough yet to realize all she had to do to free it was lift the foot and then move it slightly to the right. We pulled her out and hugged her and then I let her nap on me for an hour because I couldn't bear to put her back down after hearing her cry like that.

- I had a girlier outfit planned for photos today. She ruined that one (and also ruined a diaper). I put a second girlier outfit on her. She ruined that one with spit-up. I put this on her, and she hasn't messed it up at all. So... whatever that tells you.

-People she loves: Us (obviously), her grandparents, her great-grandparents, her great-aunts and 2nd cousins, her aunts and uncle, my friend Sarah, Sarah's mom Linda, my friend Sherrie, NOT that guy that held her at Sherrie's party, her cousin Delainey.

- If there is ever an explorer famous for discovering the whole world entirely by mouth, it will be my baby.

- Audra is better-dressed than I am.

- I am already planning her first birthday party. Thanks, Pinterest.

- I love her more than life itself.

- She is just now five months old, and has already beaten the average length and weight for a six month old baby girl. I'm pretty sure she's going to tower over me when she hits puberty.


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