Friday, January 2, 2015


Well, that kind of sneaked up on me.

I'm pretty sure I blinked and 2014 was suddenly over with.

This day last year I was pregnant but hadn't told anyone except Jason, my friend Sarah (I, uh, needed some help deciphering pregnancy tests), and my sister. Being pregnant with only a few people knowing is kind of this intense secret to keep - it bubbles up behind your mouth every time you say hello to someone, but we had had some problems before and I was worried about making it public before the end of the first trimester.

Then I got bigger.

... and bigger...

... and bigger.

Holy Mother of Velociraptors, I got huge.

I had simply never noticed how big pregnant women could get until I was one of them. Then my six-pound baby showed up and I was like, wait, how were you that small and my stomach looked (and felt) like I had a whole three-ring circus in there?

In 2014, my whole life basically ended up revolving around this new universe of parenthood, something I knew nothing about and was wholly unprepared to enter into. It wasn't on purpose. Some of my favorite posts of this last year were those that had nothing to do with my pregnancy or the baby; I strive to continue writing about, um, anything else whenever I can.

It's just that 'whenever I can' has become... less often than I would like.

My favorite posts of 2014 were...

January: Gloves
February: In Which I Am the Cow Whisperer and Did Someone Say Bacon?
March: In Which I Almost Slap a Doctor: Those Sweet Childhood Memories
April: Rustbucket and Tomboy Style, Plus One: 24 Weeks
May: I've Seen Juries Accept Crazier Reasons Than This, Special Yankee Tea, and Tomboy Style, Plus One: 28 Weeks (It was a good month, apparently)
June: I'm Sure She'll Bring This Up in Therapy in Thirty Years and tomatoes and jalapenos
July: He Wears His Sunglasses at Night
August: You Were Going to Meet Her Eventually (yeah, you all knew what my favorite post for August would be)
September: The Perils of Being Good and Lo Siento, Little One
October: Tomboy Style, of a Sort: My Last Saturday
November: It Was Totally Fine and Are Goats Especially Impatient? (Tea Box Express Review)
December: Adventures in Childcare

If you have a minute, check some of 'em out. Often when I really like something I wrote, I get kind of sad to hit 'publish' thinking that not as many people will see it as I would like. I want to put together a Best Of post that would encompass all my years blogging. But I'm pretty lazy, so we'll see if that ever happens.

Oh, speaking of lazy!

Let's go ahead and talk about my Blog Goals for 2015.

I'm not much of one for personal resolutions, although I do have a few for this year. I would like to get more in shape, successfully keep the baby alive (and manage to keep my own sanity), work more on artwork, and try to get at least one good night of sleep per month.

I've decided to make three resolutions for the blog this year as well.

1. I'll be cooking my way through the Farmer's Cookbook. I received it for Christmas a couple of years ago and I've used it more than any other cookbook I own. It's full of basic recipes for really good food. I'm hoping to do one recipe per week from the cookbook, sticking roughly to the book's schedule (it's done monthly). I'll post the recipe, how it turned out, photos, etc. We'll be starting next week with Orange Date Bran Muffins! Wooo! Let's see if I can keep this up!

2. I would like to post more often, and less overall about Audra. Don't get me wrong - I'd like my posts about Audra to be about the same amount of posts as they are now, but I'd like to get back into more regular posting and work on having my baby-postsend up a lower percentage of my total posts. This one may be a pipe dream, but hey, we all build castles in the sky on January 1st, right? I mean, look at my personal resolutions up there, I want to get good sleep one night per month. That's a pipe dream if ever you saw one.

3. I would like to redesign the blog layout. I'm thinking something brighter, more colorful, more in line with my way of dressing and personality. My current look is a little too subdued, I think. You may see some things shifting around over time as I work towards this goal. As part of the redesign, my by-the-end-of-this-year goal is to buy my own domain name out, either here or on Wordpress. I'll let you know if things progress that far.

My goal for today, though?

I just want to get dinner on the table without falling asleep face first into it.

That's more difficult to accomplishment than you think.

(this post was brought to you by a baby who woke up four times last night and a mother who gave up trying to sleep at 4:30.)

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