Tuesday, December 16, 2014

In Which My Dreams Come True

Uh, in a way.

So Audra's got a bit of a cold. It's probably from her two days in the church daycare, and I'm actually glad for her to get it. It's been a pretty mild one, so it's a good introduction to the Land of Constant Illnesses, otherwise known as Parenting A Child Who Is Around Sixteen Other Children All Day. The upside is that she really has been a champ about it; we only had one bad night, all things considered, and only one fever I felt the need to actually dose.

The downside is that she promptly gave that cold to me.

I woke up this morning with a pounding, pounding headache. Well, I actually woke up with three headaches. I had one sleep deprivation headache from waking up between 3:30 and 4 am and just being UP the last two days in a row, one muscle-based headache in my neck from sleeping funny, and a sinus headache from the cold. I called in to work, had Jason take Audra to her sitter, and took a nap.

So I woke up with two headaches. Which is definitely better than three.

Then I went to go pick Audra up from her sitter and grabbed some (more) coffee on the way. After my latte, two of my three headaches have gone. I take my victories where I find them.

Except that none of that is what I actually wanted to write about today.

There's a new bookstore coming to downtown Greenville in May!

Downtown has been lacking a bookstore in a big way. We've got Joe's Place, which is a used book store and wine bar/coffee place and while it's nice, it's not exactly what I've been thinking I'd really like to see. What I've been craving is something for Greenville that would be what Malaprop's is to Asheville, NC; a quirky local bookstore that has lots of local writers featured, a cafe where you can grab some coffee and food, enough fun stuff to keep you distracted and shopping far longer than you originally intended...

Well, now we're going to get it.

M. Judson won't open until May, but they're in the process of renovating a really cool old building downtown next to the Westin hotel, and they've got a pop-up shop open on weekends leading up to Christmas (they've got one more weekend where they'll have the pop-up shop open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so if you're local make sure you hit it up!). Jason and I had a couple of errands to run downtown Sunday, so we packed up our (snotty, congested) baby and took her on a good stroller walk. She actually rallied spectacularly; being outside seemed to be the best thing for her.

I snagged a latte (and a hot chocolate for Jason) from Coffee Underground, along with a couple of bagels, and we let ourselves wander around the park and get in to no particular hurry. It was really nice, actually. We even ended up running into Jason's parents outside of Blue Ridge Brewery and had brunch with them! Basically, an awesome Sunday. It was on our way back that we discovered M. Judson's pop-up shop, and I found the best kids' book I've ever seen:

Okay, so I found two books. I don't think anyone who knows me actually thought I'd get away buying just one.

Louise Loves Art was the first one I saw, and I am seriously head over heels. Louise is setting up her perfect gallery of her work, and her little brother Arthur keeps getting in the way trying to 'help'. The artwork is lovely, and the text is spare but absolutely perfect. I knew we were buying that book by the time I got to the end and hormones made me tear up from how adorable it was.

The other book we picked up is a colors primer based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. My friend Sarah has a bunch of these type of literary primers for her kiddo, and I love them. I'm picking them up wherever I can.

Basically, M. Judson is going to be everything I've been daydreaming about for downtown Greenville.

Which means it's probably going to be Jason's nightmare.

I mean, Audra's little bookshelf is already completely full and she can't even sit up on her own, let alone read. Am I going to let that stop me, though?

I can always build her another bookshelf...


  1. You can never have too many books. We live in a 550-square foot apartment and somehow have three filled bookshelves.

    1. We have four full smallish ones. I'd love to get a few more but I have no idea where we would keep them!


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