Tuesday, December 30, 2014


So... here's how it goes:

Christmas Eve, I went to bed with the plan to get up around 6 a.m. My alarm was set. The idea was that Jason and I would get up, we'd pull everything together, get the baby up, and head straight over to my in-laws' home for Christmas morning breakfast, presents, and then over to Jason's grandparents' house for the extended family Christmas. I had it all planned out, you guys. I was Super Mom. We had the presents for everyone ready to go in the car in their own special laundry basket, her diaper bag was already packed, the milk just needed to move from fridge to car, I had her outfit laid out.

We were ready!

Then the baby woke up at 11:15 pm.

And then again at 2 a.m.

And then again at 4:45.

Jason took her first two wakeups, and I took the last one.

She ate (and ate and ate and ate) and then was all smiles and giggles and ready for the day. So we played in her nursery for a while, until my alarm went off to tell me it was 6 and time to go wake Jason up so we could get ourselves moving.
Very, very slowly...

but moving.

Audra, because her sense of timing is spot-on, fell asleep pretty much exactly as we were planning to open presents. We laid her down and opened presents anyway, because she is a baby and she does not decide these things. Then she woke back up and we played with her until she fell asleep again...

right as we were getting ready to head up to Jason's grandparents' for the extended family Christmas.

Because, again, she has impeccable timing.

My mother-in-law hung back with her while she slept, although really the theme of any holiday is "the baby cuts her own naps short because she can psychically sense people who want to snuggle her somewhere nearby", and we went and had lunch and then Audra received her new favorite toy in the entire world:

A giraffe stroller toy with feet that jingles or crinkle or chime, each foot does something different. And each and every one of those feet, according to my daughter, is delicious.

Audra had quite the haul this Christmas - new clothes, new toys (even a doll, thanks to my Grandma Swearingen finding the only Baby Stella doll that wasn't pink and frilly, and the doll has a little dinosaur pacifier and it is wonderful and we love it forever and always), new books, these floor tiles that it turns out are pretty much the size of most of her bedroom floor, and the best present - her own Christmas stocking, cross-stitched and handmade by Jason's Nana, Grandaddy, and my mother-in-law helped finish putting it together at the end. It has her name on it, and it's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful.

Of course, this year toys just sort of appear in her life and she accepts them with all the simple "of course there's a teddy bear, there was always a teddy bear right?" understanding infants can have. Next year we can start having some fun with it; stocking stuffers she can actually pull out, Santa's presents being something she can really discover, cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer... all that fun stuff.

Friday night we had the extended family Christmas for Jason's dad's family, which meant a few more hours of watching while my baby happily went from relative to relative. She's very chill about being handed around, which I love; I was the baby who went to all and sundry and I think it made me very good about new people. That plus daycare, I'm hoping, will make her able to handle just about any social situation a baby can get herself into.

Of course, now that we can plan for her first seriously fun Christmas...

that means I'm going to have to start saving for it.

Like right now.

Which I will totally do, just as soon as paying off the baby's birth + daycare + Christmas + mortgage + bills + car taxes + student loans + all that food we have to eat to stay alive (silly us, right?) stops making us flat broke.

Which at this point should be...

I don't know, sometime just before she goes to college?

I'm kidding. We're not flat broke.

Just... mostly broke.

She's totally worth it.

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  1. Oh my word Audra is getting so big! I guess she was just too excited to sleep through the night, hehe. Hopefully she has been a better sleeper lately.


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