Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Weekend I...

... wore my favorite hooded sweater to work on Friday
(I was thematic)
and it was almost too warm for all of them

befriended this lizard on my lunch break
we sat quietly in the sun together, both of us
half asleep
while a group of kids and their moms played soccer
in an open field nearby

woke up Saturday to over an inch of snow on my back porch
filled my car up with gas before heading to work
next to a car wash where I could hear it dripping as it melted...
grabbed a doughnut at an Ingles where the clouds seemed close enough
to touch

went to a Halloween party with a handsome fireman
and the cutest lion cub in the whole world

woke up Sunday morning and snagged groceries at Publix
came home and made maple apple chicken sausage, scrambled eggs
and toasted some cranberry walnut bread for breakfast

this little lady napped in my arms while I
gorged myself on Property Brothers

had lunch at my in-laws' house, where Audra
played until she passed out
at which point we took her over to see Jason's Nana and Grandaddy
and she was in no way the center of attention at all

came home to a house I filled with lit candles
a husband who cooked us pork chops and collard greens for dinner
a baby who was very skeptical about her bath
a dog who wants nothing more than to help us eat our food
two cats who are sleeping wherever it is I want to sit at that time
I am wearing my biggest, warmest, least flattering sweater
and it is very cold outside
but I am warm.
Welcome, November.
Hang around awhile.


  1. Your little lion cub is so adorable! My mom and I love to watch HGTV and reality shows together, and Property brothers is one of her faves.

    1. The homeowners-to-be always drive me up the wall, but I just like seeing what the Brothers come up with. Except for all the TAUPE. Stop making walls taupe! It's an awful color!


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