Monday, November 10, 2014

I Feel Like I'm Not the Intended Audience For These Things

Making: NOTHING. I did all my making yesterday - I made this buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese recipe, with added spinach and butternut squash from our veggie delivery service. It's enough to feed us for at least two days. So today I make NOTHING. I guess I made coffee? That's like making, I guess...


Drinking: Coffee. Duh.

Reading: Mark Twain's autobiography, in fits and spurts. Any magazine I can get my hands on that has Thanksgiving stuff in it. Planning actual decorations next year for my house for Christmas, when I'll hopefully have an almost-toddler who will be able to enjoy it.

Wanting: it to be Thanksgiving already.

Looking: at the Pack n Play that we FINALLY set up in the living room.

Playing: Not just yet. She's asleep for her morning nap. We play when she wakes.

Wasting: time. Just... wasting time. It's delightful.

Sewing: abuh who the what now?

Wishing: I had a house in Illinois and the money to fly there whenever I please.

Enjoying: it finally being cold enough for sweaters almost every day. So happy to say goodbye to South Carolina's humid heat for a few months.

Waiting: for Audra to wake up. She's been making little peeping sounds for a while now, then settles down, then peeps again. I'm supposed to leave her in there until as close to 10 am as possible...

Liking: my cold toes. Is it weird that I actually enjoy having cold toes? It means it's cold outside!

Wondering: if I can have another cup of coffee or if that would just be going too far.

Loving: the colors on the trees, Sundays with Jason, Mondays just us girls. Although I'd prefer TWO days with Jason instead of the one. I think I could last count on a real weekend when I was in college. 

Hoping: for the chill that's meant to sweep over our state later this week to bring pretty, sunshine-y clear-sky days with it. There's nothing like a clear winter sky, even if you can't see as much of it in a place with this many hills. Also hoping I can get myself off my duff early enough to drag Jason and Audra up to Caesar's Head or Table Rock this weekend.

Marveling: doesn't this seem the same as wondering?

Needing: a new fridge, probably. Was that boring?

Smelling: Uh... my house. This questionnaire is getting a little weird, right?

Wearing: Well, I'm home and don't have anywhere to go today. Sooooo yoga pants and a sweatshirt. NEW MOM UNIFORM REPRESENTIN'

Following: ... the leader? Seriously, who wrote this?

Noticing: that whoever wrote this really decided to just drag it out as long as possible. 

Knowing: that this questionnaire must end eventually.

Thinking: "Yeah, I'm probably going to get that second cup of coffee. Even if my 'cups' are 16 ounces..."

Feeling: vaguely annoyed that I am STILL ANSWERING QUESTIONS.

Bookmarking: I'm currently working on a Pinterest board for wardrobe ideas for the next three years to try and get my wardrobe to LOOK like someone who is about to be thirty and is a parent and needs to look more grownup sometimes. Only with color explosions. But grown-up color explosions.

Opening: the Pumpkin Spice creamer, because I REGRET NOTHING.

 I'm... not giggling.



Coffee time.

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  1. Haha, no shame in the pumpkin spice! I LOVE NUTMEG AND I WON'T APOLOGIZE FOR IT!!!


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