Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Four Months

Sixteen Tuesdays ago, my baby showed up. That first Tuesday involved a lot of hurry-up-and-wait, then a lot of waiting, then a whole lot of oh-god-we-can't-wait-anymore, then a lot of wishing I could kick everyone out of the hospital room because I was so tired and simultaneously not wanting them to leave because I was so proud.

Also, so terrified.

In sixteen weeks of Tuesdays, we're pretty sure she's more than doubled her birth weight, is outgrowing her clothing as fast as I can unpack the boxes of hand-me-downs and new stuff we received for each age grouping, and I am still proud.

And still terrified.

So here is what's new with Audra Grace at four months old:

- Did you know she can get her whole fist in her mouth? She can. She will happily show you that she can, and will spend twenty minutes idly and cheerfully chewing on her own entire hand. We introduced pacifiers way way back. She liked them for all of three days and is decidedly 'meh' about them ever since. She's a huge fan of her own fist, though. So that's good.

- On a related note, she clearly plans to travel the world mouth-first. There isn't a thing you can put in her line of vision that she won't try to grab and stick in her mouth. I look forward to mobility and then discovering all the pennies we've ever accidentally dropped on the floor, once she finds them and eats them.

- She can roll all the way over and back again! But only once, and only when no one is looking. We did the first rollover, from back to stomach, at my in-laws' house (of course I was in the bathroom at the time). She did a full roll from back to stomach and onto her back again at her sitters' house (of course I was at work at the time). She has no trouble rolling from back to stomach, but tends to get confused and anxious once she's there and usually needs help rolling back.

- Unless she's tired or not feeling well or is feeling particularly snuggly, she is no longer content to just lay on either my or Jason's chest, on her stomach OR on her back. Now she will push herself up immediately and stare around, fascinated at our nose hairs. I assume that's what she's looking at, since she tends to jam her face as close to your own as possible. If I lay her on her back, she will never stop trying to sit up. Her little chair, which has served us well since her birth, is rapidly becoming a problem since she can't sit all the way up in it yet. Unacceptable.

- With just a little help, she can pull herself into a sitting position and hold it. Then she drops back onto her back where I'm holding her on my lap. Then she'll grip my fingers as tightly as her little hands can grip and pull herself back up. And then fall back. It's a game she both loves and finds immensely frustrating.

- She is so heavy. I mean she's not, really, and I am easily adjusting and still able to carry her basically everywhere around the house with me if I want to, but mealtime is hilarious. I pick up what feels like a light baby, we sit down, she drinks 5 ounces, and when I pick her back up it feels like she's gained a full pound. Although she tends to freeze up because she hates being burped, so it might be a dead-weight issue there.

- She is impossibly good so far. Our transition from sleeping in our room to sleeping in her crib at night was a breeze (well, for her it was. For me, not so much.). She's a great eater. Her spitups have scaled back hugely and now are just a little bit here and there after big meals. She's a smiler. She's either going to turn into some kind of Gremlin-style monster in a year or so, or the next baby will come out a monster. Either way it's going to be fun.

- We are prepping for Thanksgiving, when my entire immediate family (plus my Grandma!) will be coming for the holiday. I've put more care and thought into the outfits Audra will wear those three days than I have ever put into a single outfit I have worn in my entire life, counting my wedding dress. I've already got two outfits planned for the Christmas holidays. And I'm planning at least three more.

- She. Drools. On. Everything. My in-laws have taken to sticking her in a bib, because just mountains of drool come out of this child. I usually forget bibs exist, but then I also routinely go through three T-shirts a day, just during the times I'm home and not at work. Everything she really loves is obvious and easy to point out, because it's whatever thing is covered in spit at any given moment. I think teething isn't supposed to start for two more months, but she is clearly getting ready. She's training for teething like it's going to be the Olympics.

- My next round of photos for five months will happen on January 5th. That's when I'll switch over to her date of birth rather than the day of the week she was born. Who knows what that extra week will do. Maybe she will be the size of Godzilla then.

On an unrelated note, if you check back here tomorrow around 7 AM Eastern Time - or, uh, whenever you get up, for those of you who don't just routinely wake up at 4 AM now like SOME PEOPLE I KNOW (Me. I mean me), I will have a cool deal for you from Tea Box Express! Trust me. It will cause happiness and cheer and joy and whatnot. Just check back. Check back and be amazed. Or just super happy. Whichever. I'm gonna go stare at more photos of my baby now.


  1. Audra is such a precious beauty and she seems to have your sense of humor. Can't wait till the next blog comes out.

    1. I -hope- she has my sense of humor. If she and my husband outnumber me with HIS sense of humor, things are gonna get crazy fast.


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