Wednesday, November 26, 2014


So remember how yesterday I was all like, I wake up at 4 a.m. every day now, I'm going to post that Tea Box Express deal by 7 a.m. Eastern Time! Because I'll be up at 4 a.m.! Wheeeeee!

Remember that?

Well, this time I woke up at 2 a.m. and was back asleep by 3:30 (yes, I lay awake that long) and I totally slept until 5:30 and by then between breakfast and the baby there wasn't any time.

So that's what I get for making promises.

In any case, I decided 7 a.m. (or, uh, close to 7 a.m.) Central Time is good too. So I'm going to pretend that I did that on purpose. TRY TO PROVE ME WRONG. Ha! You can't.

Except for the part where I just told you I slept in.

Sooooo this post isn't really going where I expected it to.

In any case, Tea Box Express contacted me so I could let you guys know about a cool deal they're doing for the holidays!

If you sign up for the monthly subscription service, enter the code TBESALE50 during checkout for half-off your subscription! If you have been wanting to sign up but waffling about it, now is the time, people.

If you'd like to give a box or boxes as a gift to someone else (remember, they make really good gifts that you can totally steal from after you give it to your loved one), they've got a deal for you there, too. You can receive 5 dollars off using the code TEAGIFT5.

Either one of those deals would be awesome. They are awesome. Go snatch 'em up! And then make sure you tell the good people at Tea Box Express that I am so wonderful and persuasive that you just couldn't help yourself. Really just talk me up, guys. You know. For science.

To sweeten the pot just that much more, there's a little more to it; normally, in order to receive December's box you would have to order by December 1st. For this month, since we're working with holidays and gift-giving and all that madness, the deadline's been extended - you can sign up anytime through December 15th and still receive December's box!

So get out there!

Go get some tea!

For science!

* This post is part of a partnership with Tea Box Express. They are giving me good deals on their monthly subscription box, I'm telling you about it, everyone wins. EVERYONE. But especially me. BUT ALSO EVERYONE. Or at least everyone who takes advantage of these coupon codes! I'm looking at you, Emily. **

** The best part about this is watching all the Emilys I know try to figure out which one of them I'm addressing here.***

*** It's all of you. It's all the Emilys.

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