Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tomboy Style, of a Sort: My Last Saturday

It's true. This is my last Saturday before I go back to work, and therefore my last Saturday wherein I get to enjoy it. Although Jason doesn't work Saturdays, I do, so our only day off together is Sunday normally. Being able to be together on Saturday (when nearly all events occur, and nearly all those events occur during my working hours) has been amazing, and I wanted to make this last Saturday together count.

So we headed downtown to hit up the last Farmers' Market. We started at Coffee Underground (of course) for a delicious latte (and Jason had a Mexican Hot Chocolate) and enjoyed the sunlight and the breeze and the fact that it was cool enough even for me to wear a sweater and my new scarf outside.

I ended up forgetting the food purchases I planned to make entirely (I did buy three leather bracelets, though, which were awesome and pretty cheap and one has a fish on it and you will see that one very soon) but we did grab breakfast and Walking Tacos (called Travelin' Tacos on the menu) at the Papi's Tacos booth. I grew up on Walking Tacos at just about every festival or fair or whatever there was, although they're basically unheard of here. Papi's Tacos had kind of an upscale version - still a bag of fritos, but with a really delicious spicy chicken on top, nice romaine lettuce, a little salsa and some good crumbly white cheese and sour cream. Ooooh they were good. So good.

I think I'm suggesting Walking Tacos for every party from now on.

We wandered all over the market itself, then down into Falls Park and around the waterfall and the river. I cannot stress how beautiful the day is today! Well, see for yourself.

It was nice to just wander and not try to hurry. We had brought enough milk that I wasn't worried about feeding Audra, or trying to time it perfectly for her; Jason wore her and she slept when she needed to and was awake looking around when she wanted to do that.

I wore 20 pounds of diaper bag, because I'm not quiiiiiite to where I'm just packing what we actually need. That diaper bag is packed for an emergency evacuation, I swear. I AM READY.

On our meandering way back to the car, we took a detour into Chocolate Moose for a cupcake because oh lord it had been a long time since I'd been there. They also had a baby behind the counter, and she was a very skeptical baby. She was not sure about us at all. She was definitely eyeballin' us like we were about to grab cupcakes and run.

Jason picked up a coconut-chocolate concoction which was fantastic, and I chose the Pumpkin Cupcake (because it's fall and I'm a white girl in my twenties, so I think I'm legally required to try everything pumpkin there is. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere). It was a really nice pumpkin cupcake with walnuts in, with a good thick cream cheese icing with juuuuust a little pie spice on top. I could easily have eaten five of them.

I would have gotten really, really sick afterwards, of course, from too much sugar.

 It would have been totally worth it.

We came home and a couple of our friends came over to visit with their little one. Audra isn't particularly entertaining yet (we're still mostly in the lay-around-and-make-dirty-diapers-stage) but their toddler Molly is great for discovering all that stuff that you didn't know was dangerous to babies you had lying around on the coffee table!

I don't even know where the dime came from. I think she may have conjured that out of thin air.

I'm not done with this Saturday yet; we're still gonna make it count. There will be a walk later. I'll get groceries at some point and I'm thinkin' chicken and dumplings for dinner. Tomorrow we have a birthday party for our friends' little boy.

This last weekend before going back? I am making it awesome. I'm going to have to hold onto it for a long time before I get another one even remotely like this.

I'll be spending all my time remembering baby snuggles next week when I'm sitting at my desk trying not to cry at random strangers.

In Case You Want to Recreate This Mess:
Sweater: Boden, old from last year.
Scarf: Boden, exact is sold out but there's a couple of similar prints/colors
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity (No shame. They are the most comfortable jeans in the world. NO SHAME.)
Shoes: Eh. Ancient Skechers. They're my walkin' shoes. Pretty shoes are for days you don't walk three miles.
Bracelet: Gift from my grandma. I miss her.
Diaper Bag: Skip Hop from Target, baby shower gift from my other grandma. It was a think-about-my-grandmas kinda day. The bag is sold out at Target but you can buy it off the Skip Hop website.


  1. You are looking great! And seriously, I love you and all, but all we get is a shot of the BACK of Audra's head??? :)

    1. If I recall correctly, you got at least TWO photos of her face within 24 hours of this post going up...

  2. I love the bright colors of your outfit! And the sweet baby head. Also the behind-the-counter baby sounds funny; I love infant expressions. My boyfriend has a cat like that--she always looks surprised and not entirely pleased.

    PS I just wanna say, I actually pause my music/show/whatever to read your blog, because you put an effort into WRITING. That is so nice.

    Glad you enjoyed your Saturday! =)

    1. I am glad to hear that! My goal is always to have reading this sort of feel like you're listening to me chatter at you on the phone.

  3. Wow. You're a mother now! Congratulations....Good to see thing are coming along for you. Hope everything goes well...

    - Chessdev

    1. Thanks! So far everything seem sto be working. Then again, it's only been nine weeks since she showed up, so I've got plenty of time ahead of me to screw up!


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