Tuesday, October 28, 2014

3 Months

Twelve Tuesdays ago, Audra Grace came to say hello.
 Well, mostly she came to sleep a lot and eat like a horse. But I'm confident that eventually she'll say hello.

Here are some things about Audra at three months:

- She fights going to sleep with a stubborn purpose, far beyond what she was doing last month. We are in the very, very earliest stages of sleep-training, where we start laying her in her crib for naps whenever we can (or when I can stand it). She seems to have a psychic connection with us that allows her to know exactly when we are going to lay her down and pop right up to yell. Her sitter has even reported putting her down, exhausted, for a nap and listening to her yell and protest for a shockingly long time. I'm kind of proud of her bull-headedness even as I realize what that means for what lays ahead.

- On a related note, when she will sleep on her back in her crib, she does so by flinging her arms out above herself as far as she can. She lays in the same position Superman flies in.

- She has begun trying to roll over! She, uh, can't do it. But she's trying!

- She has befriended the ceiling fan in the living room. I caught her babble-talking and smiling at it the other day, just as happy as can be. The ceiling fan must talk back in a voice grown ups can't hear, because I would swear she was pausing and listening for its reply before babbling and cooing again.

- I caught her watching our older cat a couple of days ago, just staring with the slightest, fascinated smile on her face. She just watched our cat lick her paw and clean behind her ear the way I might look if I saw an actual honest-to-God angel; full of awe and delight.

- She really hasn't gotten much longer in the last month, but she's definitely chunkin' up. She cycles through what we call 'growth spurt' days shockingly quickly. It seems like every other week she'll do two days of constant eating and sleeping and then suddenly she's significantly heavier. She has multiple chins. She has fat little arms. I love it.

- She looks an awful lot like my husband's sister. Which sometimes I make squinty faces, because I kind of wanted a daughter who looked at least a little bit like me. But noooo, even her hair is coming in the same reddish-dark-blonde that Jason's hair becomes if he's out in the sun a lot in the summer. I'm going to be in family photos where everyone is tall and skinny and then there's me. Me and my short femurs.

- Tummy time is less of an ordeal. I even caught her smiling. Yesterday I laid her down for tummy time and was trying to show her how to lift her own head up and move around like that. She was grinning and making a sound that is almost, but not quite, laughter when I realized my daughter had tricked me; I was lying on a hard wooden floor doing what amounts to lazy push-ups while she laid on soft soft blankets and laughed at me. My child tricked me into exercising.

- Postpartum hormones are insane, guys. And they don't even stop like you think they will! Saturday, Jason laid Audra down in her crib after she fell asleep to try and get her to nap there. She woke up within about five minutes and just let out this horrible sad wail and I discovered I had physically leaped backwards over the couch to go get her before I was even fully aware of it. Then I clutched at her and cried for like five minutes even though I wasn't upset. Then I was fine. It felt like I'd been hit by a truck full of feelings.

- I have no fewer than three different versions of books that purport to explain your child's first year. Two of them go by months, one by weeks. I triple-reference them repeatedly. This does me absolutely no good, because babies are actually human beings and so each one will do things differently. It does, however, turn me into a nervous wreck, so I'm sure that's fun. For someone, anyway.

- I have an incredible ability to tell whether or not she is tired simply by looking her in the eye. This kid gets huge bags under her eyes the minute she's even remotely past where she should be falling asleep. Of course, then the fussing and fighting begin shortly thereafter so it's not like those bags are much of an early-warning system. But still. It's amazing how deeply exhausted she can look when she was playful and cheerful and bright-eyed less than five minutes earlier.

- We went out to eat with some friends of ours last Saturday to the Pita House, a great Middle-Eastern restaurant and grocery and kind of a Greenville mainstay. She fell asleep during the drive there and we had assumed, similar to our last dinner out with our friends, that she would remain asleep through dinner. Instead, the bustle and activity of the place kept her up and watching, fascinated, every little thing that happened around her, from her 'cousin' Molly's attempts to stab falafel with a fork to an elderly gentleman walking across the room. No matter how wobbly her head got or how tired those little eyes were, she wanted to take in every last moment.

So do I.

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