Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two Months

Here are some things about Audra at two months old:

- Oh, we smile all the time now. We smile at our giraffe mobile that hangs above the changing table, we smile at Simba during tummy time, we smile at Mommy and Daddy and sometimes the dog and just everything. She hasn't figured out how to hold a smile yet, and they're not purposeful; just responses to seeing something that pleases her, like when Jason gets home from work and picks her up at the end of the day, she usually has some great big smiles for him. I love to see it. I spent about an hour singing yesterday while I made dinner to keep her entertained, and she smiled like crazy all through it.

- Her favorite songs right now are "You Are My Sunshine" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Currently "Father Abraham" and "Amazing Grace" are also popular (turns out I forgot most of the kids' songs I used to know? And now I only seem to remember songs from VBS or church.) She also likes a song I made up to sing while making dinner called "You have a face, Audra Grace." The lyrics consist entirely of those six words sung over and over again in increasingly desperate tones.

- She's sleeping better, here and there. We still have trouble getting her down some nights, but she tends to have a "long sleep" of about four hours, wake to eat, and then we're on about a two-hour cycle after that. She sleeps as late as 9 am some days. Which I enjoy, and am trying to enjoy as much as I can right now since it is my last week before I have to be at work before that time; and therefore, Audra has to be at the babysitter's.

- She hates having her diaper changed - hence the giraffe mobile to distract her. She's angry from the second the diaper is actually unfastened until the new one is back on.

- She loves baths, but hates the part where we take her out of the tub at the end to dry her off. Of course, her little mad face is usually tucked under a puppy-face-hood on her towel, so the effect is somewhat lessened. It kind of makes me wish I had a puppy-face towel (with a tail!) for grownups. We also have an owl towel, an elephant towel, and another puppy towel. I love them all.

- She still wants to sleep primarily on our chests. I remain inclined to let her, despite the possible longer-term difficulties, because it's one of those things I'm about to lose by going back to work, one of those things I will miss most. Even when she jams her little head underneath my chin so hard my teeth click together. She often ends up sleeping on Jason's chest in the morning for our last hour or so before the alarm goes off, because it's the difference between her waking herself all the way up and just waking up enough to make her displeasure at NOT being with us known and then going back to sleep and letting us doze some more.

- She 'talks' to me a lot. Just coos and chatters to herself, or at me, or sometimes at the little toys that hang from her bouncer. We play the 'ah' game, where she makes a noise and I make it back at her, which she enjoys at first and then rapidly grows annoyed by. It's another one of those things that is funny only to me.

- We officially had to slide the shoulder-support-things on her Britax car seat up, as she outgrew the original newborn setting. I may have teared up a little when I realized that. She's still so easy to pick up that it's hard to realize how much she's grown until things like that happen, or when I realize she's growing out of newborn clothes and is solidly in the 0 - 3 right now (you know, a month before she's supposed to be done with THAT size.)

- When we're bathing her, often our dog and our younger cat Sanna will come into the bathroom and position themselves to watch. Neither one of them will ever willingly get in the tub, but they are both fascinated by watching us bathe another creature. Our older cat just lifts her head and then goes back to sleep, because she is very old and that is all she does until 3 a.m. when it's run-around-the-house time.

- Her infant hair falls out in bits and pieces. We never see it go, but she has what looks like a distinct horseshoe of baby-baldness moving further and further back on her skull each day, being replaced by much finer and lighter-colored new hair. I can't really tell if it's dark blond or brown yet, there's just not enough of it.

- When we go to family meals with my in-laws, that baby's butt hardly touches her bouncy chair the whole time. She gets passed from family member to family member. Sunday, Jason's aunt and uncle from Virginia Beach were in town with their 8-year-old twins Carrie and Whitney. Carrie positioned herself next to Audra and basically did not leave her side through 90% of the visit. It was adorable, and I'm looking forward to a repeat at Christmas. Audra cooed back at Carrie when she spoke to her and gave her great big smiles, even when Carrie was kind of poking her in the ear.

- I had no idea that babies started up the "fight the power" routine this young. Even if she gets a shorter-than-normal nap and is clearly exhausted, she will fight it to the end of her strength if we don't manage to trick her into falling asleep via the magic power of rocking, vibrating the bouncy chair, or feeding her about a half-an-ounce to trick her tummy. I kind of assumed babies just... fell asleep for the first three or four months, whenever they were tired and not in any particular discomfort, but that is not. true. My baby will not go gentle into that good nap; she rages against the closing of her eyes.

Just for comparison; Audra and I in bed the day after her birth, just before leaving the hospital two days after birth, one month, and two months.

Good God.

That Simba is clearly shrinking.


  1. Wow, it's crazy how fast infants grow!

    I liked your "has a face" song. So many things rhyme with Grace that you'll have endless songs. Audra Grace goes to space, you solved the case, Audra Grace, Audra Grace steals first base and wins the race at fast pace while wearing lace?

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. She's like twice her size as far as length I think! and has all these fat rolls. I don't even know, man. Babies grow at an insane rate!

  2. Your face song sounds freaking awesome. I had a friend who's baby boy's favorite song was a lullaby version of a Dunkin Donuts jingle she'd sing to him.

    Matt constantly makes up songs about Gbear, the cat and me in the first person that describe whatever's happening.

    examples: "My name is Gretje/ I'm cleaning up my paint/ So I can eat dinner /From a bowl or from a plate"

    "My name is Cammila/ I have a grumpy face / Because I cannot find my pants...."


    1. ... I may or may not have sung the Toys R Us theme song once in desperation.

  3. Ahhh made up songs are the best! We have some for our dogs so I imagine that'll continue with human children too.

    1. All our dog jokes are Indiana Jones jokes...

  4. This is so heartwarming :)

    "My baby will not go gentle into that good nap; she rages against the closing of her eyes." The lament of the new parent.


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