Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Month


So here's some things about my baby at one month old (as of today in the evening, although officially she'll be a "month old" on the 5th. But four Tuesdays ago I had her, so I'm counting it as a month, damn it.):

- Her... her face exploded. So did the skin on her arms and legs and feet. Seriously. "Skin like a baby" shouldn't mean soft and smooth and perfect, but acne-coated and covered in milk spots. And spit-up. And peeling skin.

- She's started to really look you in the eye. Sometimes I play the face-game; I make weird faces, but simple ones, at Audra and if she's really paying attention she'll start to mimic the expression unconsciously. Being a mom = this seems super fun to me and probably bores the living daylights out of anyone else nearby.

- Her first big trip out of the house? To the local library! So we're starting her off right. Although she DID sleep through the whole trip, so I'm not sure if she really picked up on any of that wisdom or knowledge stuff I was kind of hoping for. On the other hand, I realized that in a couple of years I'll have a reason to wander around the kid's section of the Main library, which is super adorable, and NOT look like a creepy weirdo.

- Sometimes she does little gassy-smiles, but today I was playing with her and she made that face right up there, and I don't think it was gas, because it seemed to be in direct response to me making her Simba plushie "talk" to her. Or maybe it was just gas. ... but maybe it wasn't. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

 - She flails around all the time. Constantly. She punches herself in the face without meaning to, she kicks at things. She makes little sounds in her throat that I love, little grunts and mutters and mumbles. Sometimes she'll accidentally bat at a toy we have hanging nearby and then freeze, studying it as it swings back and forth, clearly trying to figure out what just happened.

- My in-laws have offered to babysit so Jason and I can go to a party together in a couple of weeks. I am currently in the process of trying to decide if I can even handle that. They'll take such good care of her! But... I'd be like an hour away for FOUR HOURS. But they'll fawn over her and show her off! But AN HOUR AWAY FROM MY BABY. But I haven't seen these friends in forever! But my baby! But my friends! BUT MY BAAAAAAYBEEEEEE. So... you see how intelligent and brilliant new motherhood makes you.

- I was asked the other day if I miss being pregnant and knowing she was 'safe' in there, inside me, feeling her move. I looked down at my baby, she grunted in my general direction, and I thought, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for being able to see her face. Even knowing that in a couple of years she'll learn all kinds of interesting sass-back. Even knowing in a few more years she'll be slamming doors in a rage. Even with the terror of understanding that one day, she'll probably want to go to prom.

- This baby lives in onesies. I have lots of adorable little hand-me-down dresses (and a few new ones!) and whatnot, but I can hardly bear to put them on her. Onesies are so much easier in my brain, even though they're really about the same amount of effort in the end. Plus most of my onesies are gender neutral, which my brain just handles a little bit better. I can't wait for her to be big enough to wear some of the 3 -6 or 6 - 12 month stuff, though; we're got some awesome things coming. I know there's this thing about "omg people think my baby girl is a boy!" and sort of being freaked out by that, but... babies all kind of look the same to me? So that concept doesn't bother me at all. Onesies for everyone!

- I made it basically my entire pregnancy and almost her whole first month of life without buying a single piece of clothing for her. Yesterday, I finally caved and took advantage of Carter's Labor Day Sale and bought a big ol' slew of things. But they were so cheap with the sale! Including her waking-up-Christmas-morning outfit. Which made me realize that her first Christmas is coming, and she's not going to remember it, but I'm still going to try to take pictures of her every. single. second. All of you whose phone numbers I have, you should probably dread winter coming. SO MANY TEXT MESSAGES ARE COMING YOUR WAY.


- SO. LITTLE. SLEEP. For us, at least.

Audra? She gets plenty of sleep.


  1. Happy one month Audra! And congrats on one month of new motherhood, its kind of a big deal (:

  2. Aww, what a cutie! Congrats on surviving your first month!

  3. The tangible joy of this shiz damn near made me tear up. My experience is that kids only continue to make you heave starry-eyed sighs like every 10 seconds as they unself-consciously figure out basically everything in their environment. Audra is crazy cute. Those eyes!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a little doll!
    Beautiful baby, congrats (late!).
    A Modes Fashion Blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks! And I think she's pretty cute; although I realized I'm incredibly biased.


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