Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse

As of today, Jason and I have been married for six years. It's funny because we've been together as a couple for a decade come January, so I have trouble keeping track of how long we've been married, exactly, and have to keep counting back to 2008 so I don't forget. Otherwise, I'm liable to just shrug and mumble something about "basically my entire adult life".

Preeeeeeeetty much the best decision I ever made. Or... he made. It depends on which one of us you ask for the "when did we start dating" story, because we have very different answers.

Last night I had decided, bedrest or no bedrest, that we were not going to waste our one last day of us-time before we check into a hospital and then have a baby on Monday (uh, hopefully) with me on the couch or whining endlessly about being bored.

I usually do both at the same time, in my defense. It's a time-saver.

I thought... why not go out for breakfast? A nice, early breakfast would give me plenty of time to go back to living on the couch for the rest of the day.

There's a new creperie that opened up in downtown Travelers Rest which I've been watching with more than a little interest. They ended up running a kickstarter to finish funding, and I was excited to see that they had  opened up!

So we went.

We walked in just a few minutes after they opened to see two really, really good signs: a full staff on hand despite the early morning time and a table full of like nine people having breakfast together (there were also several groups eating outside). About half the people eating were in scrubs, so we figure the local hospital had some third-shift staff go out for breakfast together after work let out. Nonetheless, a full parking lot on what I believe is only your first Saturday open? I like to see that.

It suggests good things are about to happen.

The guy at the register was super friendly, and we knew what we wanted pretty quickly. The menu isn't huge - they're working on a changing-things-up-seasonally-idea, which I am actually excited to see. They had about four options for savory, four or five options for sweet, a salad option, and a line of coffee drinks down one side as well. And waffles!

Next time I'll probably do waffles.

Beeeeeeeecause waffles.

I ordered the "fiesta" crepe; a southwestern chicken crepe with corn, black beans, and salsa. It came with a sour cream drizzle on top. This close-up shot doesn't really show you how huge the crepe was, but trust me, just the crepe by itself was a meal.

It was really good!

I would have liked the option to make it spicy, but prego-Katie has been dumping hot sauce and cayenne on everything for the past four months or so, so that may actually be the prego talking more than anything else. It was nonetheless super flavorful, and I would happily order it again and again and again.

After the waffles.

Jason ordered the Tandem Club, which came with ham, turkey, bacon, and two kinds of cheese. When we walked in he said something about wanting a crepe with ham, and a crepe with ham he got.

We traded bites, and I can definitely say his was equally delicious. It came with greens, but was a meal in and of itself.

That's actually one thing I really liked about the crepes; they weren't so overfilling you felt completely stuffed, but we were both very much full at the end of our meal. I was even able to hobble around on a walk to the TR Farmer's Market for a little while, although my current "two days from baby" physical situation means that 'hobble' is really the best description I can give you.

I told Jason last night I feel like every time I walk around some Oompa Loompas are going to jump out and start singing at me.

Jason ordered a chai latte (not pictured), which was amazing. It was not super-sweet syrup at all, but tasted more like an actual infusion of chai with milk. Spicy, and ginger-y, and did I mention not overly syrup-y sweet?

The above photo is my vanilla latte and its pretty, pretty latte art.

The layer of foam was great; it was just enough but didn't detract from the latte itself. I told Jason it was one of the smoothest lattes I've ever had; there was no bitterness to the espresso whatsoever, which tells me whoever is pulling the espresso shots knows what he or she is doing. I sort of regret not going up to them and just giving them their own "oh thank you god" tip.

As a last-minute anniversary outing before our two-person outings rapidly turn into three?


I plan to drag at least half of my friends back there just as soon as I am willing to leave the house again.


I'll have to leave the house with a tiny baby all the time now, won't I?


My friends all like the idea of holding the baby while I stuff my face, right?

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  1. This sounds like a great outing. I am hungry. Then again, I am a creature of perpetual hunger.


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