Saturday, August 23, 2014

5 Things: Postpartum Daydreams Edition

1. My baby is two weeks old as of Tuesday.

We had our second appointment with the doctor, and were told that things are clearly going well; she's put on a pound from where she was when we left the hospital, which means we hit the Gain Back To Birth Weight Or More by Two Weeks Milestone, which may be a real milestone but may also be something I made up inside my head to stress myself out about.

While I would love to use this space to brag about all the new things she's doing, I'm afraid it runs us into a bit of a wall, because she is still new and most of what she does is eat, sleep, and need a change of diaper. She is spending longer and longer awake during her alert times, either watching us with intense fascination or flailing her limbs around trying to figure out just what is controlling them.

We are still mostly tied to the house - any trip longer than about an hour, hour and a half has to be meticulously planned for and we end up cutting things short, or just one of us runs the errands while the other stays home.

In her welcome-to-the-world post, you can see how small Audra was the day she came home from the hospital, and compare it to now.

2. This tunic/dress from Boden is basically my drooling thing-I-want-most for fall. Their entire fall line appears, at this point, to have been designed expressly for me. It's like some kind of terrible temptation from an exceptionally British devil or something, just dangling in front of my eyes.

I mean, look at this sweater. And this shirt. Or this tunic, which seems kind of perfect for new-mom-can't-be-bothered-to-dress-up. Or these gorgeous shoes.



I received Boden's Autumn catalog Tuesday, and that blue dress above immediately caught my eye. They had it styled with a yellow cardigan, which I already have a yellow cardigan so clearly this is fate, right?

Look at it! It's the perfect shade of blue, and it's covered in little birds, and I can wear it over jeans or leggings with my fall boots and and and and and

... and I am currently combing through our budget, baby or not, to see if I can afford it.

I am nothing if not a dreamer.

3. I had to make a run to the bank (and, uh, Starbucks) this morning and in the process heard an interview with singer-songwriter Jessica Hernandez, who performs with her band the Deltas, on NPR.

The song I've linked here is "Sorry I Stole Your Man", but I suggest you also look up "Cry, Cry, Cry" as well, for a sense of her abilities. She has an insanely gorgeous voice - it sounds to me like a mix of Amy Winehouse and Adele, whiskey-soaked and on fire. Her band is very retro, with trumpet and saxophone and a really nice old-school sixties sound. I loved just listening to the interview. Hernandez was actually pretty funny.

Here's the NPR interview. 

Give it a listen!

Then go buy her album upon its release. The EP is available now, though.

4. Because I have decided to be that mom, I knew I wanted a personalized necklace for after Audra was born. I didn't really like all the ones I was finding that looked like everybody else's personalized necklaces - you know, the ones with nests and birds or things. Some of those are really pretty, but they just weren't really working for me.

Then, for a baby shower gift, one of our friends gave me a gift card to etsy.

And I bought this necklace.

It's perfect for how I dress - the colors compliment most things I own. The little charms are a green j, a yellow-gold a, and a turquoise k (you can't see the k so much because of how the charms are placed, but it's there!)

I know that dangly necklaces are sort of a ridiculous proposition when you are mother to a small baby, but I will be at work for eight hours a day, so I figure I'll still get plenty of wear out of my giant collection of dangly pendant necklaces.

Until I forget to take it off one day and Audra and her prodigious Herculean baby-strength tear it off my neck.

Seriously. Babies are way stronger than they should be for how small they are...

5. First off, that photo is not mine, but comes from the site I'm about to link to. We have a jalapeno plant this year, and it has been ridiculously prolific. We love jalapenos, so that's mostly worked out for us, but it continued to be prolific while we were in the hospital and then in the days after we came home, and we had built up something like seventeen jalapenos we needed to use.

So Jason and I declared teamwork time and made these baked jalapeno poppers and ate them for lunch one day.

 I put a little ranch dressing on a plate, loaded myself up with the poppers, and we just demolished a whole baking tray full of them.

They were delicious.

We did change things up a bit; we used some low-sodium breadcrumbs that we bought while I was on bedrest towards the end of my pregnancy (and on a doctor-ordered low-sodium diet). I think next time instead of mixing with cheddar cheese I'll mix the cream cheese with pimiento cheese.

Or... just use pimiento cheese.


Now I'm impatiently waiting for more jalapenos to be ready...


  1. I love the suspicious looks newborns give. They are the best. Also, you've given me a gift idea for my sister-in-law. Her first (my nephew!) was born in April, and that necklace looks perfect. The initials will also be the same, so she'll be SWFing you without even knowing it.

    1. I do love the necklace! I bought the upgrade to make it longer (it falls about mid-chest now at 24 inches, and there's a 36-inch upgrade too I think), but honestly I think it would probably be perfect at its regular length in retrospect.

  2. lol "Herculean baby-strength." If this concept has not yet been used for a gag in a comedy, then there is no justice in the world.

    Love the necklace, by the way. And yes, that dress is freaking adorable. The British really seem to know what's up.

    1. The problem is that the British also want me to pay $100 for it. It's very much problematic that they design amazing things right AFTER I give birth to a black hole I throw my money in. At least the black hole gives awesome cuddles...


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