Monday, June 2, 2014

It's the Newest Pregnancy Health-Food Craze

At the doctor's today, I was weighed in.

"Huh," I said out loud. "I've lost weight since I was in here last time."

The physician's assistant kind of laughed and said, "Yeah, you sure did. Just a couple of pounds, though." She fills out the form and is cheerfully talking to me, clearly not worried.

"Um... is it normal to lose weight this far along? I'm supposed to start gaining like crazy right now, I thought."

"Oh, it's normal," She replied. "It happens sometimes. You've probably been trying to eat super healthy, right?"

I debated how to answer that question.

Finally, I just said "Yesterday, I ate three doughnuts and then in the afternoon like a pound of chili cheese fries. That was it."

There was a long, long moment of silence.

"...Chili cheese fries?" She asks, her voice a little plaintive.

"They were delicious."

One more long beat of silence.

Then she shrugged and said, "Fair enough."


  1. lmao, that sounds like an amazing culinary day

    1. Dude. It was the best. We went grocery shopping at like 7:30 in the morning and decided to pick up some doughnuts for breakfast, only they were on sale so we bought WAY TOO MANY DOUGHNUTS, so then of course you have to eat them all, right? So we ate them all.

      But the reason we went grocery shopping is because I was craving chili cheese fries. So we bought the ingredients for chili cheese fries. So after the doughnuts, I had NO HUNGER for like seven hours and then suddenly was starving for dinner. SO we split chili cheese fries - and you've got to eat all of them or they go bad too. You know? Reheated fries just don't work.

      It was the best day ever.

  2. Haha, doesn't this gal treat pregnant women every day? She should be used to wild cravings and unpredictable appetites!

    1. It's kind of a holistic sort of place; they really emphasize all that healthy eating nonsense ;)

      My friend had a baby last year and while she was pregnant, she got in trouble for having a slice of apple pie for breakfast every day for a week, haha


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