Thursday, June 26, 2014


You guys, those things take over your whole brain. Last night I was babbling to Jason about birth plans and hospital stuff and babies and the raising thereof and finally just sort of wound down to a stopping place. Then I apologized, but it's such this monumental thing and they just stick their little tentacles in and take over.

Do I do things that are unrelated to this?

Oh yeah, all the time.

I have lunch with friends, I read books about ethics in corporations and about America's obsession with huge houses/real estate in general, I make coffee, I sporadically clean things for about five minutes before I decide I don't care about cleanliness anymore. I brake for squirrels. I talk to my dog.

And yet, the whole time, every time I sit down to write here, those little tentacles sneak their way in and whisper baaaaaaabies... let's talk about baaaaaaaaabies...

Well, today I have decided we're going to not.

How's that sound?

1. I made this grilled corn and tomato salad for dinner the other night, and made a huge amount so we could eat it at work for a couple of days for lunch, too. In our veggie delivery we got like six ears of corn. I love me some sweet corn, so I'm always happy to get as much corn as those people are willing to throw at me.

So you take grilled corn (you want to do it right after the grilling if possible, but grill operatin' is men's work 'round these parts, so Jason grilled 'em up for me one day and I made the salad the next. It still worked.) and cut it off the cob, then mix it with lime juice, cut up tomatoes, sliced red onions, basil leaves, and some other stuff. I left most of the 'other stuff' seasonings-wise out.

Instead I served it on a bed of greens with this spicy southwestern salad dressing I made. I ended up adding more jalapeno that was in the recipe (and added some to the corn salad thing, too) because the dressing was NOT spicy enough. Oh, and extra cayenne. Actually I had to up the amounts on everything. And I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream, but Jason's legendary hatred of mayonnaise seems to have faded with time so I used mayo like the recipe said for the other half.

Duke's, of course, because you don't buy the wrong mayonnaise around here.

Pair it with grilled sausages that I cut up and threw over the salad and then some queso fresco (pasteurized, thank you prego-police for asking) on top of that and there were noms. Noms were had.


2. Target is having an awesome Buy One, Get One Half Off apparel sale? Only I can't really be involved in it at this point since A. I am the size of several small whales glued together right now, and B. I have no idea what I will look like in four months when (hopefully) things settle down a bit over here. So I just have to drool, and be sad.

And then drool some more.

The thing is, I am a very simple woman with very simple tastes.

If this were last year, or the year before, I would react in a very simple, predictable fashion.

I would be loading up on all the cardigans ever right about now. I pretty much live in their Boyfriend Style cardigans year-round at my job and through much of fall and winter even on the weekends. That means I need more of them, right?

I suppose I could still load up, since cardigans are one of the few garments that remain unaffected by my current sea-mammal-shape, but... we have this thing going on where we were hoping to be able to feed ourselves and pay our bills later.

I know, I know; ridiculous, right? Fashion means sacrifice!

I keep trying to explain that to Jason.

He is unmoved.

3. NPR's article on how our propensity to take so many photos of those 'special moments'  may be the thing making it harder for us to actually remember them.

This is actually something that's been studied before, in that nebulous prehistoric era where smartphones had not yet come into being, and had found similar results - that the more photos one takes of those moments you want to remember forever... the less likely you are to actually do so.

We don't make memories entirely based on visual images, of course; the sense of smell is one of the strongest memory-triggers the human brain reacts to. Think of the time you've smelled a particular kind of pie baking in the oven and immediately thought of some other moment in time where you had a similarly awesome pie. Maybe it's just me thinking about pie.

But this little article, which is bookended with a mommyblogger who talks about being in the park with her children taking photos of them, looking up, and realizing every single parent had their nose in their phone and thinking... Is this it? Is this what my kids will remember?... I think it's a good reminder. I go through spurts my own self, where I'll take fifteen million cell phone photos and then a few weeks where I take very few, if any, and most of those are of my animals.

Taking photos on vacation? Yeah, go for it. But if you spend every waking moment taking photos of the Eiffel Tower or that awesome croissant you had for breakfast or the way French people are glaring at you, well... you may remember the taking of the photos and not the actual places you were, the taste of that croissant, the chocolate you bought two doors down after breakfast, the way the elevator felt when you rode up the Eiffel Tower in it... but you'll have gotten a great shot for Instagram, right?

(I am a massive hypocrite who loves taking vacation photos, by the way. So this is as much me hassling myself as it is anything else.)

4. I am a sucker for pretty things, you guys. I really am. And I love this pretty thing.

It's a print for the wall, all those beautiful flowers in all my favorite colors surrounding Thomas Ken's Doxology, the version I grew up singing and the one I like the best.

Here's a close-up:

I love the look of it. The artist does a bunch of other similar things, as well, and has a very pretty shop. I suggest you go scroll through! It's Lori Hetteen's shop Cherry Sparrow over on etsy.

If ever I come into random-etsy-money, it's one of the first things on my list to buy. Especially because the greens in it go perfectly with my mental fantasy of what my kitchen's going to look like one day.

Sssshhh, don't talk to me about finances and how much it costs to re-do rooms and what that means when we're paying for childcare and stuff. Just let me dream.


5. I have begun, at random, getting catalogs from a clothing brand called Sundance, apparently started by Robert Redford. his name shows up on all the catalogs, at least.

I have no idea why, they just started arriving a few months ago.

Here's the problem; these clothes are absolutely perfect for the kind of person I am.

They are also like a hundred dollars more than I ever want to spend on any one item of clothing.

This is torture. It's like being shown all your favorite foods and then being told you can't have them because some rich people are willing to pay $50 for that cheeseburger so they're going to sell it to them. For fifty dollars. And I'm over here, like, but my water bill...

But the clothing is beautiful. Okay, some of it gets a little pink in ways I don't much like, but... hippie skirts! Hippie shirts! Hippie jewelry!


But especially that dress up above there (I don't care that it's short! I'll wear it over skinny jeans!) and then this necklace right here:

I would wear that necklace for days. Many many days.

Which I would have to do in order to justify spending that much money on a hippie necklace.

(and look, I didn't talk about pregnancy or babies for one whole post aren't we all so glad?)


  1. My budget is now a wreck. I will be enslaved at Target to pay off all of my cardigans!

    1. There can never be too many cardigans. NEVER. NOT EVEN IN SOUTH CAROLINA IN JUUUUUUUUNE

  2. We also started getting those Sundance catalogues randomly! I threw ours away quick so I wouldn't be tortured =P

    1. I cannot figure out WHY I am getting them. I didn't sign up for anything, but somehow they just KNEW ME.

  3. You don't have to wear skinnies with that awesome dress if you don't want to! But I feel you on the price. I've had catalogs I just started throwing away because I could never afford anything in them.

    I definitely didn't know that Robert Redford was affiliated with a clothing brand though. That's a little unexpected from a 77 year old actor.

    1. Yeah, I was really surprised, too. I'd never heard that he started a cothing company/brand. How... odd. but if you look at it, you can kind of see how it's affiliated with him. It is all very western-y boho.

      I'm just not a short-dresses person. But I DO like skinny jeans + tunics...


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