Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tomboy Style, Plus One: Week 25

Yes, yes, I realize we're in week 26, but I wore this dress last weekend while Jason and I were on vacation to dinner one night, and since I was at week 25 when I wore it, I figured you'll just... hopefully get two Tomboy Styles this week. Assuming of course I wear something I like at some point, which... is looking semi-doubtful. I'm having trouble with that whole body-shape-changing-thing.

I told you Jason and I decided to stay again at the Fryemont Inn, an historic hotel located inside Bryson City, although up a winding drive on a hill so you're kind of above the town as well as within it. There are cabins and bed & breakfast places further out of town, but Jason and I really enjoy being able to just walk down the drive and be a block off downtown, then walk back up and feel like we're nearly in the mountains themselves from the view. Or, well, we enjoyed that before I was pregnant and therefore against the whole concept of walking uphill.

There are two things that really sell us on the Fryemont - if you stay inside the actual hotel, the rooms are old-fashioned in a way we love; no wifi in the rooms, no TV, just you and a writing desk and a bed and a bathroom. When we stayed two years ago we slept like logs for nine hours a night because everything was so quiet (except for the people in the room next to us, who brought an entire bar with them, but they settled down by 10:30 every night which was awesome. Which is why going to a hotel where lots of older people stay is awesome, because you can sleep.)

Well, that was a long parenthesis.

The other thing that sells us on the Fryemont is that breakfast and dinner both are included in the cost of your stay; you only pay extra for the tip and for any drinks you get from the bar (although I was obviously somewhat bar-less during our stay. Darn it.)

I always end up eating my own weight in trout during the dinners (there are usually several kinds of trout to choose from, a chicken dish, country-fried pork with gravy, lamb chops, steak, etc), but they come in courses; you get rolls, soup, salad, your entree with family-style sides, and then dessert all included. And I discovered they will happily give you your own bowl of applesauce if you are craving apples.

For the last two nights of our stay we got three rolls in our basket instead of two.

I asked Jason if he thinks they did that on purpose, and his reply was "No comment."

Staying in the cabin is different; it's pricier, but you get the building all to yourself, there's a TV and air conditioning and whatnot, and you get your own private drive. Honestly, except for climbing the steps up to dinner every night we could easily have felt perfectly isolated.

We didn't sleep as well this time, but that had more to do with a dog who was just so damn excited he couldn't sleep past four-thirty than it did anything else. One day I got up with him, one day Jason did, and the last day he slept until six-thirty so we both just got up and figured we'd go ahead and start our day.

Anyway, I wore this dress one night to dinner. I recently wrote about it in a Five Things post, and I did end up ordering it; Land's End was doing a 30% off sale! What was I to do?

I fully expected it to look sort of ridiculous, as most dresses do on me, but I found it was... pretty flattering, actually, although without access to an iron or dryer it was pretty wrinkled when I wore it and you know what don't judge me. The color is a brighter, spring-ier color than I expected from the website but it's pretty good with my skin and hair color. I'm eyeballing the blue color as well, now, although that whole "having a baby soon and should probably have some money to pay for that" slows my itchy buying-fingers somewhat.

"Do you think I look pregnant in this?" I asked Jason after putting it on.

He just stared at me for a long moment, slowly looked down at my (ever-expanding) stomach, then back up at my face. "Yes, Katie. I think you just might look pregnant."

In Case You Want to Recreate This Mess:
Dress: Land's End, here
Starfish Necklace: Fiore Boutique, similar
Sandals: Minnetonka via TJ Maxx last year, similar
Cardigan: Motherhood I think? hand-me-down from my sister

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