Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tomboy Style, Plus One: 28 Weeks

This week is a little bit of a celebration. We bought a car! Like, for real! With money!

The problem with my old Cougar, which I have driven faithfully for about 10 years now, is that it's a two-door with bucket seats. That's great for 18-year-old Katie, just heading off to college and needing a vehicle that isn't a borrowed farm truck that we weren't 100% sure could do the four-hour drive from my hometown to my college town, but less great for 28-year-old Katie, who is going to have to figure out the gymnastics of getting a car seat in and out.

Sooooo we bought a four-door. Luckily we've been saving up to be able to pull this off, so I did not panic as much as I would have otherwise.

This is not to say there wasn't panicking.

There is always time to panic in my house.

I'm pretty excited. It's the first car I've ever owned that wasn't a hand-me-down from a family member, which seems impressive until I point out that the Cougar is the only car I've ever owned before. The truck was just a borrowed thing, and my friends filled it with Mt. Dew bottles and I put girly Disney keychains on it and to the best of my knowledge at least one of my keychains is still on there today.

So, just in case you didn't think we were insane enough, we not only decided to have a baby this year, we decided to take on some car payments, too.

I'd raise a glass to responsible adulthood, but I'm not allowed to raise a glass with anything fun in it anymore.

I'll raise a glass of tea!

That's kind of like fun.

My mother, in her infinite generosity, sent me a box of maternity clothes from Old Navy. Full of striped shirts of various formations. I am stripin' it up for the rest of the summer folks, and that is a fact. I'm not a belly-clutcher, because I think that makes you look like you're about to give birth to the chestburster from the Alien movie, and I'm also deeply uncomfortable when anyone I don't know tries to talk to me about what's happening over here - and even uncomfortable when some people I do know talk about it - and I love stripes for the sheer fact of (mostly) camouflaging things still if you look at me head-on.

I also received my swimsuit (I ordered this one from Target), so I can actually experience this weightless relief that people discuss needing so badly at the tail-end of preggers-time. Which I am already starting to think sounds delightful.

I'm wearing one of the Old Navy shirts, and honestly I am not a fan of ruching but everything for pregnant ladies is ruched and... well, okay, I get why now. Because it is super comfortable. It is the most comfortable thing in the world, next to sweaters.

I even have a pair of real actual shorts now. I haven't worn shorts that with a hemline higher than my knee in years. Things are going to get crazy this summer, people.

In Case You Want to Recreate This Mess:
Cardigan: Target, here
Shirt: Old Navy Maternity, here via my mom
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity, here (size up! They run small) via my mom
Shoes: Skechers, JCPenney, similar
Necklace: I have no idea. This turquoise necklace is like twelve years old or something. Probably from a trip to the mall with my friends in high school. Similar.

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