Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tomboy Style, Plus One: 24 Weeks

This post could alternatively be titled "In Which I FINALLY LOOK PREGNANT, GOSH DARN IT."

And yes, I realize I am wearing a cardigan in South Carolina in April, which means it's generally hovering around 80 degrees all day and cardigans are more than useless. I can explain that. My workplace is, by necessity, heavily air-conditioned. If I don't bring at least a light cardigan in the morning, I'm usually freezing by 11 AM. And also hungry.

Although, I'm hungry all the time now, so... I'm not sure that counts.

I'm still building all my weekday outfits around cardigans or very light sweaters.

... and scarves. Those too.

I really was not prepared for how much heat my body was going to suddenly start holding onto at this point. I'm not really warm-natured, exactly; while being from Illinois does mean I'm not breaking out my winter coat quite as early as some people around my city do, I love sweaters and would wear them constantly if we lived in, oh, Canada or somewhere where winter happens.

I am one of those women who actively celebrates the onslaught of "sweater weather".

But as we leave sweater weather, spend two weeks in cardigan-land, and then dive headfirst into "oh god I am wading through boiling ocean water" (aka, summer)... I am really not handling this well.

I have a tendency to sort of loll around, whining endlessly to anyone who will listen (which generally ends up being Jason, what with him being trapped in the house with me bwahahahahaha) about how awful heat is and how did I stand this before and we are going to have to move before this baby gets here or I will actually get heatstroke and die.

Spoiler alert: I'm not going to get heatstroke. Not when it's 82 degrees outside.

I've been asked, "What are you going to do in August?"

Well, readers, I have a ready answer to that question. I am going to do everything physically possible to avoid leaving air-conditioned buildings. That is basically my whole plan. If forced to leave said buildings, I plan to just sort of lay down and melt. Or cry until someone buys me frozen yogurt.

Or maybe just cry in general.

Then have a baby.

Probably while crying.

We are finally getting a move on when it comes to the nursery. Sort of. We had something come up where we didn't want to commit one way or the other for a little while until we knew what would happen, and now we're good to go. We're just sort of battling our own laziness at this point. We're going to paint the walls, lay down hardwood in the nursery (all the bedrooms in this house have a horrible old off-white carpet thing happening, and our long-term plan is to replace ALL of it with hardwood, but baby room first), buy and set up the crib, and THEN we can start thinking about... uh... everything else.


Do I seriously only have like two and a half months until this kid shows up?


Time to panic.

In Case You Want to Recreate This Mess:
Cardigan: Target, similar here
Shirt: Gap Maternity, sold out (similar here, striped version from Gap here)
Jeans: Gap Maternity, here
Shoes: Uh... Skechers, I guess? From JCPenney. I wasn't really paying attention. I just needed black sneakers.
Scarf: Gift from my friend Jo
Necklace: Gift from my friend Brenna and her amazing trip to Peru (!!!!!)


  1. Haha, I'd buy you frozen yogurt :D Looks great, I think (then again I don't know anything about fashion). You'd be an awesome mom blogger. :)

    1. Hey, I don't run these Tomboy Style bits for the sake of being fashionable; I think that ship sailed when I was, like, three. I do it mostly because I always wish there were more bloggers who are gigantic tomboys doing outfit posts. So... I am going to be that person!

      Thanks for saying I'd be awesome. I don't know! I'm not sure what is going to happen with this blog. I didn't plan for it to turn into ALL PREGO, ALL THE TIME but that seems to be happening anyway. Let's find out!

  2. Awww I'm so pleased you're wearing the necklace!! :D



      It's probably embarrassing how much I actually wear it. IE, basically nonstop.

  3. Here's a phrase I haven't anticipated saying: Don't worry, girl, you totally look pregnant!

    Obviously, I mean that in the context you've implied in previous posts. Your pregnant state is apparent and adorable.

    1. Hahahaha I know, it's just not a phrase that is often acceptable to state in public! But I feel better knowing the stomach seems to be serving an actual purpose that isn't just "holding cake".


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