Friday, April 25, 2014

5 Things - The Dress, Fruit, and ADORABLE LITTLE FACES Edition

1. This maxi dress from Lands End. It may or may not be winging its way to me next week once it's actually available. May or may not; I'll never tell.

The dress seems like it'll work great during AND after this next summer, and it's the perfect lime green to transition into fall with a good sweater or two and a pair of awesome boots.

They actually have the dresses in a ton of colors - even a gorgeous print that I was eyeing just as hard, but it just seems like one of the plain colors will be more good-for-all-occasions for me. I'm already dreading the coming humidity and we'll see if I can make a dress work to help that out.

I'm picturing it with one of my favorite necklaces that my mother-in-law gave me, along with my bracelet from when I saw the Lion King in New York. Actually now that I'm sitting here typing this, I have like five necklaces with lime green in them. And three bracelets. And a scarf.

Also it was one of my wedding colors.

... apparently I like lime green.

2. This post from my bloggy friend Kaelah Bee over at The Clueless Girl's Guide. Kaelah is just a couple of weeks ahead of me on her pregnancy, and has been rockin' out her pre-preg clothing with a vengeance even as things change.

This new fruit dress she's wearing is kind of insane, right? Kind of perfectly insane. I badly want a shirt or a cardigan in that same print.

In the post she goes a little into her own difficulties with maternity clothing and whether she SHOULD be buying more vs. what she's doing now with simply adjusting what she has. I'm pretty much in awe of her wardrobe shifting so easily; I tear my closet apart each morning at this point looking for shirts that are still long enough and covering the ones that aren't quite with a rotating series of cardigans that are currently my saving grace.

As far as maternity-style inspiration, Kaelah is rocking it out for me. Not because we dress even remotely the same - we don't - but because she's doing a great job taking what she already has and tweaking things just a bit to keep them working.

I say, as I simultaneously scroll through the "new arrivals" on Gap Maternity, Target Maternity, and Old Navy Maternity and sigh mournfully.

3. This recipe for crispy green beans from Pure Wow. I used it as a base for dinner last night and it was awesome.

I definitely had to make some changes - I added red pepper flakes to spice things up a bit and also threw in our romanesco cauliflower (Jason calls this "alien food", which hey, go look at that photo) that we've been getting through our veggie delivery service. I also had to turn the oven up twice - once up to 400, and then to 425 - over the course of the cooking time to get them even remotely crispy. Your mileage - and oven - may vary.

We don't use our broiler, but if you do I reccomend taking her advice to do so at the end.

We had a double-order of green beans this week and I was able to get a little bit creative with them - this was great with comfort food sausage grits on the side (I was feeling a little gross after some doctor's appointments yesterday. No worries, everything is A-okay).

4. Remember the mall attack on Nairobi last year? A lot of the photographs that were reaching news outlets and being spread around the world were those taken by Tyler Hicks, a photojournalist who was in the area at the time.

NPR did an interview with him about his experience, both with the attack and with other things that have happened during his career - a colleague died of asthma while they were working, he was briefly kidnapped in Libya at one point - and how they have affected and changed him.

When speaking about the mall attack, he goes into some detail about what he was thinking at the time, and it must take incredible courage to look at several hundred people fleeing, some bloodied and injured, from a shopping mall and decide then and there to go in.

He was contacted by the mother in the photo above, when she saw the photo of her holding her son and with her hand always on her daughter being spread around the world. Hicks talks about what she told him about how she kept her son, a wriggly and naturally-loud toddler, silent as a mouse for five hours until they could escape.

It's a really fascinating, harrowing interview.

5. Because I kinda have fruit on the brain today, I am going to show you one of the things I BADLY want for Kiddo's nursery when she shows up. This. Little. Fruit basket.




Uncommon Goods is an awesome website, a store full of independent artist offerings. They do home decor, some wearables like jewelry and scarves, lots of stuff for kids... they have a huge presence on my registry (seriously, if you are pregnant and don't know about, go check it out. It lets you add items from all over the web to a single registry, making it easy for people to see the diverse things you're interested in).

There's the fruit basket, a veggie crate, even an adorable little toolbox.

Brain? What brain?

My brain is gone. It was replaced by hormones, remember?


  1. Wow. That NPR article was both awful and beautiful...incredible, really.

    1. It's interesting, because I remember all those photos being ALL OVER the news but it had never really, truly occurred to me that that meant there was a PERSON in there taking pictures.

      And the bit about the mother having to keep her kid quiet just broke my heart. I just don't know that kind of strength.

  2. Oh hell yeah to the lime green, you'll look freaking hot in that dress. Colors like lime green and mustard yellow don't get enough love.


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