Thursday, March 6, 2014


28 years ago. Although... not much has changed, really.

so on my birthday...

my husband made me sausage and cheese grits for breakfast
I had free Starbucks for lunch
my birthday books should arrive tomorrow
(two books on cults for research purposes and Stephen King's On Writing)
(plus I've got this one coming as soon as it's officially out!)
I tried to pick up my maternity pants from the tailor,
only to find out she hadn't hemmed them yet
"I can have them ready in two hours!"
It was surprisingly difficult to explain that I had to be
physically present at my job before then
so I must pine away for one more week
but then... oh then,
it's glorious, glorified sweatpants for me from now on!
 I made that free Starbucks last as long as possible
hugged the dog for a while
(he liked it)
hugged the cat, too
(she, uh... didn't)
I went to work, which insists on being held on my birthday
darn it
swore up and down that next year I'm taking a vacation day
and ate more sausage grits for dinner
because this baby and I, we eats what we wants
most importantly, I came home and was loved
by a husband, two cranky cats, and a dog who can't figure out
where it is I go all day
and why it is I must leave him
there was a cupcake waiting for me
two cards from my parents (one funny, one serious)
my birthday card from my grandma
for a moment, I was content.

then I thought, "I'm almost 30."
I plan to spend tomorrow recovering from that realization.


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(there is no 26 - I was kinda depressed at the time - see here)

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  1. Happy birthday, hotstuff. You only get smarter, awesomer, more powerful every year -- or whatever unit of time you measure things by. So you have every reason to celebrate, and I'm glad you took a little time to do it. Even if you give yourself a full 8 hours away from work to do it next year.

    P.S. Congrats on your Saturn Return. You're leveling up. ;)


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