Thursday, February 13, 2014

What I Did On My Snow Days Vacation

I was snowed on, more than once.
I did laundry, and otherwise
was a completely useless person
It was wonderful.

I pitied my tiny fishie flowerpot,
which once held a colorful happy cactus
and now holds its sad winter remnant.
Our rosemary smells great, though.
Because rosemary never dies.

I watched the dog have just an awesome time...
 until, of course, he wasn't having a good time any longer.
Then I dried off his wet doggie feet.
He licked my face.

I stayed inside the house for about a day and a half. 
The couch is my friend.
So is all our food.
All of it.

Jason and I went out today just to be outside. 
We went to the gas station for hot dogs and taquitos for lunch.
I'd blame it on the pregnancy, but honestly, we would have done that anyway.
P.S. those taquitos were delicious.

I learned that everything else in the city can be shut down,
the roads empty but for the occasional fishtailing two-door,
but Waffle House will still be there.
And its parking lot will be packed.

We let Sanna out briefly to enjoy the snow, which he did...
until he didn't anymore.
I did not dry off his paws, 
because he is a cat.
The dog at least manages to be grateful for it.

I watched the sun come out, finally.
Which is good, because I probably shouldn't
be allowed to be this lazy for more than two days.
I wonder if I can bring my blanket to work tomorrow...


  1. Ahaha, you humans and your amazement with nature!

    Snow Monster, Detroit, MI, USA

    1. Hahaha I grew up in a place where it snowed quite a bit more often, but now that it's been a few yeras since I lived in IL I'm starting to really get why it's such a special exciting thing for southerners, because I miss it!


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