Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter "Wonderland"

Endless raindrops
Can you hear them?
in the road
the puddles glisten
Watch cars swerve and cyclists dive
as everyone forgets how to drive
and tell yourself it's a Winter "Wonderland"

South Carolina, there should be sunshine
Instead, this gray and gloomy time
still, we hang lights off the trees
on Main Street and McBee
in celebration of this Winter "Wonderland"

In Illinois, the land would be frozen
Although that means our cars would slide right off the road
but in Illinois we'd get to build a snowman!
... while waiting for our car to be towed...

Later on, we'd drink hot cocoa
I guess we also do that here, so
it's still cold here, too, although
my socks are soaked through
thanks to this gray and rainy Winter "Wonderland"

When it snows
once every four years
We race to get a picture
Frantic Facebook updates
to show all seven snowflakes
Just like a Winter Wonderland

It's been rainin' for a week
and that ain't grand
So don't tell me
it's a Winter

This song brought to you by Jason and I's chilly Christmas shopping trip yesterday.

Yes, we sang the lyrics out loud as we worked on them while walking down Main Street.

Yes, some people stared at us.

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